To the Editor,

Late December, that time of year when parents gaily and proudly flow into our elementary schools, sometimes taking other relatives and friends with them, to watch their children perform in the winter program. Pictures and videos will be taken to be shared with those who could not attend and to be brought out years from now to reminisce about those lost days of childhood. Enjoy these programs greatly for they may be the last for a long time. For the last three years, music has been taught in our elementary schools by a cadre from the ETHOS program. These teachers were here on a grant that will be over at the end of this school year. Mr. Molitor is hoping to find grants to continue the program but there is a good chance that it will not happen, in which case the children will have no music. This is wrong. Music, along with art and physical education, are sometimes thought of as unnecessary niceties. Things that we would like to have, but if money is tight, can be overlooked. They should, instead, be part of the core curriculum. All three of these subjects are needed to educate the complete child. Without them a child’s learning is inadequate. We need, as a community, to press the school board to make certain that next year’s budget includes certified elementary music teachers as well as the physical education teachers we now have.

Michael T. McGinnis


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