Challenge to emergency services

To the Editor,

Jefferson County Emergency Medical Services is challenging local public safety departments to loose weight and get healthy. It’s all in the interest of fun, health and getting to know each other better. The following departments have answered the challenge by signing up for the Movin’ Mountains Weight Loss Challenge: Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department, Jefferson County Fire Department District No. 1 and Culver Fire Department.

The challenge will include four athletic activities open to all local public safety departments scheduled February through May and culminating with a softball game and BBQ at the end of the challenge. The winner of the various activities will get to display a “traveling” trophy. The winner at the end of the Movin’ Mountains Weight Loss Challenge, with the highest percentage of total weight lost for its department will get to display the “traveling” trophy until another challenge is issued.

The challenge has been issued! Let’s see who can be the healthiest local public safety department. Show your support by offering of a word of encouragement whenever you see these participating agencies in the community.

Juanita Majel

Jefferson County EMS volunteers

Flu shot wise?

To the Editor,

The information in this letter comes directly from the famous Dr. David Williams who publishes the Alternatives Newsletter, and a recent issue deals with flu shots, and it is titled “Protect Yourself from the Flu Shot!”

Researchers at Canada’s British Columbia Center for Disease Control Center performed an analysis of individuals who had received the annual flu shot, and they were getting sick compared to those who didn’t get a shot. Further research discovered that those receiving the shot actually had a higher risk of developing the H1N1 (swine flu) than those not receiving the shot.

Just the ingredients in the vaccine’s formula: thimerosol, mercury, aluminum and formaldehyde raises safety questions.

Finland and Australia both banned flu shots, when they were linked to narcolepsy. “Do not be surprised, not if, but when the link between vaccinations and degenerated brain diseases are discovered.”

Our hospital workers are required to get the flu shot. “Over my better judgment,” one worker told me.

Donna Quick-Polka


Expand education program, music, art and p.e.

To the Editor

Perhaps, when it comes to education, the pendulum is beginning to swing back toward sanity.

Diane Ravitch, a former U.S. assistant secretary of education, who was a believer in merit pay, standardized testing, charter schools and voucher systems, has written a new book in which she explains just how wrong she was to back those ideas. As a historian, Ravitch looked at the data and came to the conclusion that, “It turns out that the elementary teachers who said all along that there is more to education than what is reflected in test scores were right and the ‘experts’ were wrong.”

Halleluiah! Now, if we can get a few national, state and local administrators and perhaps school board members to read the book, then maybe we can get back to treating our students like children instead of machines. Children learn best by moving and doing things, not by sitting and listening. Yong Zhao a Global Education professor at the University of Oregon warns that, “… our eagerness for test scores may cause us to sacrifice the qualities of individualism and creativity that have been the source of the nation’s economic, social and technological successes.” (This was also in Ravitch’s book.)

Albert Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than intelligence.” We hone our imagination by creating things, not by rote learning. If we want what is best for our kids, let’s get back to educating the whole child by giving them opportunities where all seven areas of intelligence are addressed instead of just math and linguistics.

Let’s keep our professional physical education teachers, hire professional music teachers, find a professional art teacher and get back to providing our children with experiences in science, history, geography, and other subjects beyond just reading, writing and math.

Michael McGinnis


Contract Publishing

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