This town smells

To the Editor,

MADRAS, the smell capital of the world?

Does anyone in town besides myself find the smell coming from the stockyard south of town to be about the most offensive thing you've ever smelled? It got so bad last night I had to come in the house!

When I was a boy I lived not far from Kelso, Wash., and there was a large billboard sign by I-5 that said "Kelso, the smelt capital of the world," referring to the world record smelt (small fish) runs that happened every year up the Cowlitz river. Well, Kelso/ Longview was also home to a number of paper/pulp mills that were known for some bad smells from time to time so someone snuck out one night and changed the "T" to an "L" in the word “Smelt” on the billboard. Of course, it didn't take long for the sign to get changed to something else but not before Kelso was the laughing stock of a few cities not far away.

Well, personally, I believe that Madras has now taken that rightful place as the "Smell capital of the world," since we allowed the addition of the stockyard. It didn't seem to be too bad at first, but over the last couple years ...

If anyone would want to join me, I'd pitch in $200 toward that statement on the billboard north of town!

Lonnie Amey


Backing Paye

To the Editor,

I have always felt that we should base our opinions on facts, not on how something or someone might appear at a glance. If one wanted a professional opinion on a medical problem most likely one would consult a doctor, and not a well driller.

So, Floyd Paye being a county employee, soon to be retired, gives him a very good background in the workings of one of the departments of the county.

It has been mentioned that maybe he would be looking out for the interest of the county employees. If elected, he had better be looking out for all of the county employees as well as the other tax payers. Don’t forget that county employees are also taxpayers, and that means that they are paying his salary too.

The fact that Floyd owns and operates his own business gives him a little background in money management. That leads me to think that he would manage the county’s money in a professional manner also.

One major fact about Floyd’s position at the county: He is in charge of procuring the money to fund the county spray program, and responsible for seeing that it is used efficiently. Floyd is constantly looking for grant money, or matching fund money to help the county spray program. Through Floyd’s efforts, the county spray program is basically self-funded.

This is why, based on facts, that I feel Floyd Paye would represent the citizens of this county in a very responsible manner.

Dan McCool


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