Honor to be elected

To the Editor,

I write to thank the Republican voters of the 2nd District who overwhelmingly put their trust in me as the party’s nominee for Congress. I deeply appreciate your support and pledge to continue working hard for policies that will grow jobs and improve our economy, bring down our nation’s debt and get America back on track.

Regardless of your party, we need to work together to find real solutions that improve the everyday lives of people in our state and nation. Whether it’s working to maintain access to our public lands and improve forest management, or demanding an audit of Cover Oregon to get the answers regarding the waste of nearly $200 million of taxpayer dollars on a website that never worked, I will always fight for the truth and work to leave Oregon and America a better place for the next generation.

Greg Walden

U.S. Representative

Will missed you

To the Editor,

Greetings! It almost seems like I started working here yesterday and now I’m saying goodbye. Madras is a wonderful community, a great place to raise a family and lots of great outdoor recreation.

It has been a privilege serving here at East Cascade and working with our fantastic business partners. A special thanks to now my good friend Jeanie Gentry, CEO of Madras/Prineville St. Charles Hospital and Dr. Kristine Delamarter, our medical director from Madras Medical Group.

Although I feel extremely confident our facility leaders are the very best and residents are in great hands, I will greatly miss working with our amazing team of hardworking, loving, caring staff. They are terrific!

Our community is very blessed to have true professionals like you all. I would like to thank all of my friends in Kiwanis for their love, sacrifice and dedication to our community. I would like to thank all of our Chamber of Commerce associates that have supported us and our friends at Indian Health Services. It truly has been an honor for me to be part of your community and accepted as your friend. I wish you all the very best! May God continue to bless you all!

John Wakeman,

Executive Director

East Cascade Assisted


Help at county level

To the Editor,

On April 22, 2014, I made a formal request for a court document filed in 1985. I made numerous calls each week because I needed the document for Social Security. I received a letter from SS that my claim would be denied if the certified document was not received by end of May.

I called Jefferson County Court and was told by the ane mployee of the county clerk’s office that we finally found the court number, but it is a paper file in the basement. She said, “I have been looking but it is a mess and you should see what we are dealing with.”

When I received a letter from SS that said my claim would be denied due to lack of documents, the county employee I talked and explained my issues to stated this: “My supervisor has been in Portland all week at training and I have to wait for her to get back because you don't know how many files are in the basement, and since ‘85 they aren't organized; it is a big mess. She (the supervisor) may be able to help.” I made about 10 calls and this is the type of assistance I got.

Until I called Jeff Rasmussen, county administrator, and Mike Ahern, commissioner, and others, I would still be waiting and denied the SS benefits because of the Jefferson County Court mess.

Recommendation: hire temps, or interns to organize the old files.What company would ever tell a client what a mess they had and that they were not able to provide what is needed? They would be out of business in a matter of minutes. But this is your county government.

Thank you Jeff Rasmussen, Mike Ahern, and others.

Mary McNevins


Contract Publishing

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