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Writers wonder what's happening to Madras neighborhood, what's going on at the MAC, and how MHS hires its coaches.

MHS should review how it hires coaches

Views in this article are of writer only. Being a White Buffalo alumni and great sports fan, I have problems with the Madras High School Athletic Department and how they select a new coach when one leaves the program.

There should be some kind of a selection committee needed to pick a new coach — a combination of different people to verse the selection (the athletic director, principal or vice principal, members of the school board, even a couple of seniors that will be on the squad the next year, past alumni, or the coach that's leaving). A complete examination of all the resumes from applicants for the new coaches to be totally reviewed.

A few years back, a football coach was selected who was not what MHS football needed. His resume was very convincing, but from what I've been told, it was not true and was well-padded to make him look good. I don't think anybody checked out his credentials, and he was hired anyway.

There was a time when only 18 players were left to compete in their last game of the year. Anyone who follows MHS sports knows the team went several years without a victory. The coach was relieved of the coaching job and this time, the new coach, Kurt Taylor, was hired.

Coach Taylor brought back football to MHS and has many more student athletes ready to play and have accepted his coaching skills. Junior varsity football is also on the rise thanks to Kurt's involvement in the football program.

This is what is needed to happen now at MHS in varsity basketball, JV basketball and baseball — new head coaches and a JV coach. Since Sam McCormick has moved on as baseball head coach, we need a new head coach and a JV coach in baseball. Hopefully, we can raise the JV program because you need to have a JV squad to replace the seniors leaving. That is essential in sports, to have a backup plan for the following years. Madras High School had no JV baseball team in 2019.

I don't know who the new basketball program will have next year for varsity or JV coaches. There however has been a selection for a new head baseball coach. Who was responsible for the picking of this coach? I don't believe there was anything ever put out to the public stating that they were looking for a new coach and the only candidates were local applicants. Is our athletic director doing a good job or just waiting for retirement and could care less what kind of baseball team we have?

How could he come up with the person he did when he has no experience as a high school coach and has never even been involved with the high school baseball team?

We don't need somebody like what we had in football a few years ago. We need a hard coach not somebody involved in Little League only. There is a big difference between coaching little kids and a coach needed as a head coach where you are dealing with young men who know how to play but need guidance to improve their game.

In 2019, there were seven freshmen, four sophomores, and three juniors, or a total of 14 players at the end of the year. The talent is there for a decent team next year; they will have good senior leadership.

Also, there needs to be a coach at the JV level to get students out to play baseball. We always have good teams in the summer, but for some reason, eighth graders don't continue when they get to high school. Our JV coaches need to get involved with the grade school kids and work with them to keep them involved. When they get to high school, you need a good supporting staff, in all sports, from head coach to JV coach to freshmen coaches. You need these people around the head coach to make a program successful year after year.

I can't believe there was no JV team in baseball this year. The JV team was dissolved because the JC coach did not take the time to try and recruit and talk to kids to keep the program alive. Spend a little extra time working to keep the program alive. It's the only way baseball at MHS can survive.

Now we are found with a head coach with no coaching high school experience, and 14 returning lettermen, who with proper leadership should have a much better team than this last year. I don't see this happening with the direction the school is going.

There was a summer league scheduled, but I am told it was canceled because they have no one to coach them. I thought this should be the job of the new coach, but I understand he doesn't have the time.

Our student athletes in baseball deserve better treatment than this.

Bill Walker


What's going on at the MAC?

I too have questions about what is happening at the MAC!

My husband and I joined the MAC after participating in the Cardio Challenge in fall 2017, when the MAC programs and facility access were included as part of that program.

Having the MAC programs included as part of the Cardio Challenge provided a wonderful introduction for us and I do not know if we would have joined without it.

The MAC did not participate in the Cardio Challenge in fall 2018, or in the Movin' Mountains program in spring 2019, yet several private business entities lent their support to both of these programs. Why did the taxpayer-funded MAC not participate in either of these countywide health promotion programs?

In addition to these slights to communitywide health promotion efforts, KIDS Club members were priced out of using the MAC during spring break and our children/grandchildren had to be bused to Redmond to use their facility. Who in their right mind wants their children or grandchildren riding a school bus to and from Redmond, if not necessary? Again, why is our taxpayer-funded pool not supporting our kids and grandkids?

The two activities which my husband and I often participated in were the bi-weekly Pilates classes and the Deep Water Aqua Jogging classes held four times a week, all taught by Sara Nelson. All of these activities are no longer available, much to our regret.

I have questions, and I would like answers!

Ruth Paiya


What's happening to Madras neighborhood?

While on a visit to Madras recently, I drove east on D street off of Grizzly Road. I was shocked at what I saw! Large commercial trucks parked off road on one side of the street, with piles of debris and up a little further on the north side, what looked like a disaster had hit with all the junk that has been collected there.

What is going on? This is within the city limits! Have the rules changed since I moved a few years ago? I lived in Madras for 38 years.

There used to be rules on your property setback from the street, along with how high your fence can be on the front of your house, especially on a corner, so you didn't block the view of oncoming cars, and what type of a fence could be built, among other restrictions to keep the property values high.

I see why people wouldn't want to buy property in Madras to live if the city is not going to keep property owners responsible for following the rules.

I invite all the residents of Madras to take a drive to see this mess and then start a parade to city hall with pictures and letters to complain. "It takes a village" sometimes to get anything done! Help these neighbors out on D Street. This could be your street in a few years if something isn't done soon! The people living in Madras used to be proud of their town. What happened?

M.C. Northup

Franklin, Tennessee

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