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When will the GOP wake up and call out white nationalism, and why doesn't the Metolius mayor resign?

GOP needs to own spread of white nationalism

In the wake of the domestic terrorist shootings in El Paso, Texas, and in Dayton, Ohio, I think it's important for us to once again bring attention to the problem of white nationalism. Many Republicans now have white nationalist views and have been unable and unwilling to address the problem of these homegrown terrorists carrying out racially motivated mass shootings.

While the motive of the Dayton, Ohio, shooting is not known to me at this time, it's widely believed that the El Paso shooter was motivated by right-wing extremist hate, or white nationalism.

Now more than ever, we need change in our country, and it begins with calling out Republicans for working against the greater good and doing nothing to help prevent these kinds of mass shootings. Instead of addressing the real problem, Republicans continue to ignore these incidents and time and time again they oppose any efforts to try and help and do what we can to prevent more homegrown domestic terrorism.

Oftentimes, I'm asked by others how these white nationalists end up with their views, and I think one of the biggest contributors is fear-stoking about immigration by Republicans, who are trying to convince Americans that there is an immigrant problem, when in reality, there is not. Mr. Trump consistently fails to hold white nationalists accountable and all his cronies follow suit every time.

We need better access to mental health, and stricter gun laws and I guarantee that no Republican will be willing to even approach the issues, despite the ever-growing occurrences of these horrifying mass shootings.

Local Republicans are fear mongering as shown by their Jefferson County Fair booth. We all know we have better things to worry about than "recalling" Kate Brown, who, as a Democrat, is an excellent governor and she is doing much better than a Republican would ever do in the job. Not to mention Oregon voters decided they wanted Kate Brown and not a Republican alternative.

On top of their petitions to recall Kate Brown, Republicans consistently try to claim there's an immigration problem, when the real problem is the concentration camps at our southern border run by Mr. Trump's administration. This is an example of trying to divide us when we should be coming together. They're denying the danger of white nationalism and attacking good and honest activists who go by "Antifa" (Antifa means anti-fascists, who oppose white nationalism).

Republicans claim the activist group "Antifa" is a terrorist threat although it's important to note that Antifa members have not killed a single person. The only terrorists who are killing patriotic Americans are white nationalists, as we know from the recent shooting in El Paso, Texas. Now more than ever, we need to resist Republicans as they are telling us that standing up for our rights is an act of terrorism and they fail to recognize that white nationalists are the ones actually killing people.

I'm extremely disappointed in our local Republicans, who want to divide us further. They should be ashamed, and this is a big indication that we are better off voting Democrat next election. Let's get rid of Mr. Trump and local Republican influence; they don't care about our rights, only dividing us. They are advocating racism as recent mass shootings have shown us; in extreme cases they're willing to kill others who disagree with them.

Austin Throop


Metolius mayor needs to step aside

I appreciate the article in last week's Pioneer about Mayor John Chavez in Metolius and his criminal and court-order defying behavior. It was accurate and well-written.

The editorial also laid out the problems with Mayor Chavez's conduct and supported the need for a recall. In addition, City Council took their job seriously by admonishing the mayor's behavior and asking for his resignation, which is all they had the authority to do. He had failed to disclose his legal issues to council, and the fact that he drove city vehicles when he was court-ordered to use an IID (ignition interlock device) in any vehicle that he operated is a big concern for the city.

Still, he refuses to resign. His friends at the Desert Inn support him. They think it's great that he volunteers to pull weeds in the city. Is this really what we should expect of a mayor? He has the ears of a few of his buddies at the bar, but many of us expect a higher standard of our elected officials.

It is unfortunate to have to do it, but we will proceed with the recall process. Petition signatures will soon be submitted, and Mayor Chavez will have another opportunity to resign. If he does not, it will go to the ballot. This process will be unpleasant, as the truth of his performance as mayor and his personal life will come out.

In addition, this will create a financial burden on this small city. For his own sake and for the city's, he should resign and take care of his personal issues that brought him to this point. He will have a better chance to be involved in government in the future if he would only do the right thing.

Tryna Muilenburg

Metolius Oregon

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