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Republican responds to letter of challenge, and Bob Irey, a former grocery clerk who recently passed, will be missed.

Dems need to look into the mirror

Mr. Austin Throop writes very nasty letters about Republicans that radiate a lot of heat but very little light. You blame Republicans for white nationalism. You probably don't know that Republicans fought a war with Democrats to free the slaves. Republicans in Congress had a higher percentage of votes in favor of the 1964 Civil Rights Act than Democrats.

Do you perchance think that, because we want people to cross the border legally at a point of entry, we are white supremacists? Do you lock your doors at night, Mr. Throop? If so, are you a racist?

In 2018, Mexico had 33,000 murders. Hispanic friends say most of the violence is near our border, so do Democrats want to welcome drug lords and gang members to this country?

Have you noticed, Mr. Throop, that Democratically-controlled cities with strict gun laws, such as Chicago, Baltimore, Los Angeles, and New York City, have the highest crime rates? In addition, the majority of mass murders take place in "gun-free zones." No gun laws will keep guns out of the hands of criminals, because they don't follow the laws — why can't Democrats understand that? The problem is, liberal judges don't lock up the criminals! Have you noticed the rap sheet on some of these shooters? They shouldn't have been on the street!

You say Republicans are the party of hate, yet you don't give one example. If you seriously believed that, then state the facts. The only person to wear blackface that I'm aware of was a Democrat in Virginia. If Betsy Ross offends you, then I suppose George Washington and Thomas Jefferson do too! How do you feel about our Constitution? If you think those are hateful, then come on out and say it. You hate the USA, not just Republicans.

How do you hope to stop the flow of money to Republicans? Do you wish for socialistic dictatorship? What do you mean by the Republicans' "hateful ideology?" We prefer freedom, small government, rule of law, free enterprise, and even your right to call us hateful despite your lack of facts to back it up.

William Hoff


Chef Bob, you will be missed

In loving memory of Robert Irey, "Chef Bob." He was one fine fellow and I'm sure he will be missed by everyone that knew him from shopping at Erickson's. If you couldn't find what you were shopping for, all you had to do was ask Robert and he took you right to it. Rest in peace Chef Bob. You are missed.

Bev Jensen


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