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Backlash against the Metolius recall: writers don't think it should happen; at 75th anniversary, it's clear that the dropping of atomic bomb a vast number of lives

Wyler, Elliott were impressive

All the time I worked in the City Hall in Metolius, Patty Wyler was in the office nearly every day.  She was polite and never gave any of the staff any trouble at all.  She always came into help the staff with whatever she could do.

Carl Elliott did not come in that often, but was always ready to help and run errands, whenever necessary.  Both of these people were polite to the staff and to anyone who came into the office.  I never heard either one of them

Berate or bully the staff or anyone else.

Anzie Adams


No need for Metolius recall

I am writing in response to the article in the Madras Pioneer July 29th about a recall effort in Metolius. The use of a recall, in my opinion, should be used when there are numerous incidents that are not being addressed or resolved.  I read the complaints in the news article and if you are a citizen of Metolius, I urge you to talk to the city council, mayor and staff and get your questions answered.  

I feel that most of this is in response to the recent train that the city had bought to place in Metolius.  I don't believe there was any ill intent by the city council in this effort. I believe there were mistakes made in this, but ultimately the train was not placed in the city.  I listened to the meetings where this was addressed, and the conversations were difficult. The council wrestled with a difficult decision on a sensitive topic.  I feel they ultimately made the right decision to remove the train, and hoped that would start to resolve this issue.

Citizens of Metolius: get involved, go to meetings, ask city council and staff your questions.  Please do your own research and get involved in our city in whatever way you are able to. 

A recall effort will cost our little city money and effort that could be better spent elsewhere.  

Christy Abbe


Letter misrepresented the facts

This letter is in response to Tryna Muilenburg's letter to the editor on July 22, 2020.

In her letter, Ms. Muilenburg stated that she has listened to the audio of the March 2020 council meeting and that Mayor Carl Elliott and Councilor Patty Wyler had bullied and berated Cassandra Ruwaldt during that meeting. We don't know what Ms. Muilenburg listened to, but it certainly was not the audio for that meeting.

At the end of that March council meeting there was an extended conversation between the council, Ms. Ruwaldt, and several other members of the public. It was, by everyone involved, courteous, compassionate, and was an open dialogue about the train and how to proceed. It concluded with an agreement that all of us would continue the conversation to find an acceptable outcome. At no point has any council member mocked, berated or bullied Ms. Ruwaldt either publicly or privately. We have no idea why Ms. Muilenburg would make up such viscious statements other than to further her own agenda. The audio of the March 2020 council meeting is available to the public. We urge you to get your copy of the audio and hear the truth.

Carl Elliott, Metolius Mayor

Patty Wyler, Metolius Councilor

Sheriff was right on with comments

We would like to show our support for Sheriff Adkins. We are thankful to have you guiding our Sheriff's department and helping keep our county safe. Your article was a level headed and loving response to possible violent situations that could arise. Your stand for treating everyone with repsect, even those you disagree with was a good word. We couldn't agree more with the final statement the paper quoted you to say, that our power and safety is from the Lord. We will keep praying.

Doug and Sara Harris

Sue Harrison

Bob and Carol Fox

Mary Evans


Dropping Atomic Bombs on Japan Was Imperative

We now mark the 75th anniversary of dropping atomic bombs to end WW II. As the Greatest Generation that lived into and through that history dies, we listen increasingly to revisionist asymmetrical analyses expounding the immorality of the atomic bomb decision. Customary rebuttals extrapolate over 23,000 American and 265,000 Japanese deaths on Saipan and Okinawa to early estimates of 500,000 American and millions of Japanese deaths for mainland invasions. Such estimates could have substantially understated casualties, because Kyushu and Honshu at 100,000 non-arable square miles mathematically enables at least 500 vast redoubts; complex fortifications comparable that General Ushijima constructed to inflict most losses on Okinawa. The American "island hopping" strategy had ended. The Japanese knew the few regions within their mountainous country that could accommodate the huge armies and air forces needed. In preparation, they redeployed veteran Kwantung divisions from China. They mobilized home defense armies by drafting able citizens 17-60 years old for Peoples Volunteer Corps and Home Defense Units. They determined to wage Total War of upmost savagery rather than contemplate the shame of surrender. If there was any alternative, Harry Truman, Henry Stimson, and George Marshall would end the war immediately. As far as they and the country were concerned the only innocent civilian lives at stake were the American citizen soldiers, sailors, marines, and airmen who would invade Japan. The Greatest Generation, their parents, and grandparents would have been enraged to discover a cabal had ignored the nuclear option just to indulge some incestuous moral orthodoxy.

Nolan Nelson


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