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Bean Foundation key to great livestock sale; writer outlines why she's voting Blue

Bean Foundation vital, appreciated

I'm writing today to express my undeniable love and thanks to the Jefferson County community for your support of the exhibitors, families, staff and volunteers that made this year's fair a wonderful success.  I truly believed that this was a lost year, one that would test everyone's will, including that of our business community.

On cue, Jefferson County not only stood up, you surpassed even the best of years.  So, Thank You to all of the kids who stuck with it and those that supported them!  As usual, the business community came through and supported the projects and for that, they deserve your full support and thanks — always!

One particular organization, outside the normal supporters, stepped up to the plate this year and I wish to spotlight them.  Very few could tell me who or what the Bean Foundation is.  I can assure you, they prefer that you prosper from their work, than recognize their work. If you or your child have participated in local sports, enjoy local parks, utilized Kids Club, etc. ... you have been directly supported by the Bean Foundation.  This year, the Bean Foundation entered the Agricultural arena with their philanthropy.  The Bean Foundation board allocated $25,000 to the exhibitors at this year's fair at a time when many thought this would be a significantly down year.  

Al Bean created the Bean Foundation with values rooted in community stewardship. The foundation leadership serves within Jefferson County, Oregon and the Warm Springs Indian Reservation to improve the quality of life for its citizens.

Founded with a entrepreneurship spirit, the foundation manages its own investments and seeks to strategically increase the impact of community and project donations.  Bean created the Bean Foundation with values rooted in community and today its board carries that torch with great integrity and love.  I urge every citizen to visit their website — — to find out what other things you have been personally touched by due to their work.

In conclusion, thank you to the business community and organizations like the Bean Foundation for your support of the youth of Jefferson County.  We are extremely lucky to live in a place like this, surrounded by unparalleled support. 

Kelly Simmelink

Jefferson County Commissioner

Here are several reasons I'm voting Democrat

I will vote for the Democratic ticket because:

• We must have leadership who is capable of ending this pandemic.

• We must have universal health care. Oregon House District 2 is one of the nation's regions most affected by lack of total health care.  

• We must have informed, realistic immigration reform and a path to citizenship. Jefferson County relies on immigrant workers. They are us.  

• We must have a leader who is honest and empathetic; not racist/homophobic/Islamophobic — and who dismisses and disrespects  facts, science, women and POC. 

• We must get our economy back on track with higher minimum wages, preserving our Social Security, and jobs, jobs, jobs. The current administration took us from a growing economy to the largest deficit in history.

• We must have leadership who encourages building bridges, not walls; and endorses working together, not promoting fear mongering.

• We must have a leader who supports affordable childcare and public education, not one who funnels money to private schools and endorses White Privilege.

• We must have an administration that restores membership in the Paris Climate Accord and protects our precious Central Oregon air, water and resources for our children and grandchildren. 

• We must have an administration that upholds the Constitution; not a president who lines his own pockets every single day by illegally funneling money to his family/cronies.

• We must have an administration that restores our standing in the world, not aligning itself with foreign dictators who get bounties for killing American military personnel and get no consequences.  

•We must have an administration that supports and enhances the Voting Rights Act. Our Constitution demands it.  

• We must have an administration that supports LGBTQ and BIPOC rights and needs.  

• We must have an administration that retains the Constitutional separation of church and state, and celebrate both.  

• We must have an administration that is capable of leading us into the future, not taking us back to the 1950s.  

• I believe in saving the experiment called the American Democracy.  

• Black Lives Matter.

And —  I am so embarrassed and grieving for what has happened to our country because of the ineptitude/corruption of this administration (financially, morally, emotionally, physically/COVID) since 2016.  I am not afraid to say that out loud. Join me. Vote Blue.  

Judy Barker Embanks


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