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MAC director got a raw deal with firing; writers have varying views on President Trump

Weyermann was doing a great job at MAC

It was difficult to accept the fact that Jim Weyermann was released from his job as director of the Madras Aquatic Center. To use the word fired is a travesty.

Jim has done a remarkable job, bringing the MAC back from a deep red well to financial stability and a balanced budget. He had to make some tough decisions and had to be decisive. Jim has spent many years dealing with professional teams and adult athletes. It may have made him a little rough around the edges.

But Jim relished working with youth and his smile and enthusiasm softened his persona.

As chairman of the Madras Swim Team board, I, along with Amber Searcy, have spent time with Jim in an effort to revitalize the swim team, and Jim and aquatic director Gregg Markwardt have helped us develop a solid program with an emphasis on CHARACTER development.

Jim and Gregg worked hard to put together an out of water program that worked on skills and development and turned the program into much more than a baby-sitting service. The adult programs were very successful. Jim put considerable effort into coaching the kids, and his relationship with them thrived.

The chemistry at the facility has greatly improved and spirits have seemed to be high despite the COVID-19 challenge. Trudy Haugen has been a welcome addition and has worked well with Jim.

The administrative team put together a "model" elaborate COVID-19 prevention policy that was well received by the state and laid the ground work for a safe operations and pool opening to meet the challenge.

The biggest challenge, however, appeared to be his relationship with certain members of the community and a few members of the MAC Board. Jim started off with some very innovative ideas that were exciting but proved disconcerting to the status quo. His plans created doubts and credibility issues, and he found himself on the defensive, a position that only grew as time went on. A "silo" of negativity prevailed. Micro-managing became oppressive, and his rough edges and pride in his work created increasing relationship difficulties. His successes and improvements were totally overlooked.

The amount of time and effort the board puts in is appreciated. It has been a challenging time.

The board members, however, need to work to recognize the good qualities in an individual, be respectful of their abilities, and be fair and just in resolving differences, putting their personal issues aside. First and foremost is to do what is best for the common good and in this case what is best for the facility.

Despite the progress that has been made, the majority of the board felt that is was time for a change. It is unfortunate because we lost a good man at a time when the MAC was back on its feet. To have had a director who could manage the business end of the facility and also be on the front lines structuring and raising the bar for athletic development for the youth, as well as what was evidenced in the adult programs, was a unique combination of skills.

Businesses that help support the MAC become wary of questionable board decisions.

We may find a director with community and business skills with a polished demeanor who works to the wishes of the board. Whoever it is will take on a position where things are now in order. We will all support the selected individual and work to help this exceptional facility reach its full potential. But, there will be a presence missed that could have done it all.

Thanks, Jim. There are many who have appreciated what you have done and who you have been.

Bud Beamer


Trump has earned support

This letter is not being written to offend or upset anyone. I have read many Letters to the Editor concening President Trump that offended. Many of the opinions expressed I find very offensive, but that is my problem. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and I support their right! Now I may not agree with that opinion, but I will support their right to that opinion. Now, with that having being said, I have a few questions.

There is an election coming in November. One of the candidates is Joe Biden. I have no like for the man! He has been in office for 47 years, and I cannot find any earth shattering thing he has accomplished for the people. Are there any?

If elected he has stated that he is going to raise our taxes. Why would you vote for someone like that? If I remember right, President Trump lowered our taxes.

Also stated was he would take our guns. Once government has full control over any recourse to their rule, they win! I see that as socialism, communism, or Hitlerism. Why would you vote for someone like that?

A great supporter of defunding the police! Well I think we have all seen how that is working for the law abiding citizens of Portland. No, they have not defunded them yet, but they have been ordered to stand-down. Is that what you want?

He was in the office of Vice President for eight years. Cannot really think of any great accomplishments that he or that President did. He wants unified health care, socialized medicine, or free health care. How did Obamacare work out for you? Sorry, why would you vote for that?

He wants to tax retirement accounts. If you're young, you are saying, "No big deal." To a senior that could be devastating. They have scrimped and saved for years to prepare for retirement, and now the government needs some more of your money. Right, vote for that! Are you kidding me?

We have elected someone who has upset the establishment, and they are beside themselves. The socialists and the far left want him out. So, they have devoted all their effort to that goal. Just what have they done for the people? We have people that are suffering right now. What are they doing? They are now worried about money for the postal service! You want to vote for that?

I am not saying you need to vote for President Trump because of my opinion, but I am saying get out there and exercise you right, vote Nov. 3!

Dan McCool


Do your research and vote out Trump

I feel I must speak out, even knowing this is a mostly Republican county. People can tell me that Donald Trump speaks his mind and has a "pair," but does that make him a good leader? Has he actually delivered on all of his promises? I personally don't think so, but don't trust what I say.

I ask each of you to do your own research — not on Fox News, One America News, or MSNBC. Find a neutral news source – Associated Press and Reuters are good ones (or and do some fact-checking.

I continue to be appalled by the misrepresentations and lies that have come out of this administration. I grew up in a Republican family, and I sure don't remember the amount of angst that we're experiencing today. Is it only the Democrat cities/states that you don't like? Are Democrats all nasty people? Do you hate us that much? One of the things that put me over the edge this time was the use of Leonard Cohen's song "Hallelujah," which was used at the RNC despite Mr. Cohen's estate having denied permission to use it. You're probably sitting there thinking, "What's the big deal?" But that's just the latest instance where he has flouted the rules and the law. Trump has said he doesn't care — and he considers himself the "law and order" president. What does that kind of flippant response mean? There are rules and laws that should apply to everyone — no one is above the law, including the president.

If you say you don't like to follow rules — think about the ultimate guiding principles in the U.S. — like the Constitution of the United States and Declaration of Independence to name a couple — and even the Pledge of Allegiance. Do you listen to the words? Please just think about it.

Pat Dinsmoor


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