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DRCI handling of evacuation was outstanding; far past time to address the Bear Drive-Culver Highway intersection

DRCI handled evacuation situation very well

After listening to OPB and hearing of the trials and tribulations of the 1,200 or so women from Coffee Creek Corrections that had to endure the emergent transfer to our facility here in Madras (DRCI), I had hoped to hear about the incredible effort that went in to receiving and accommodating such an influx of individuals. For some reason, that part of the story was left out.

The conditions were certainly not ideal with the long bus ride and the clothing that was soiled from bathroom unavailability, not to mention the cold and fatigue, lack of water and food, and apparent lack of total preparedness on our part. It was certainly one part of the story, and it was hard for a listener to get a fair picture of what actually occurred.

An emergency evacuation doesn't lend itself to ideal circumstances, and it was unfortunate that the above took place. The goal was to save lives and to keep the women out of harm's way. DRCI was notified that they were loading up and would be heading our way; all 1,200 of them. From our point of view, it was like trying to drink from a fire hose.

To see a staff work together and be able to arrange charts, pharmacy supplies, medications, and move 800 unhappy individuals over to the unoccupied minimum facility, because the incomings were of medium security status, along with all of the other demands put upon the total DRCI staff made one proud to be part of our institution and the leadership that we have.

I don't remember hearing one complaint, only sensing a willingness to get things done so we could deliver good care.

Sure, there was smoke and stress – talk to the folks on the west side of the mountains – and some AICs (adults in custody) were great but others, unfortunately, less so.

Nobody held back. It was an all-out effort.

You "done good" folks

Bud Beamer M.D.


Fix Bear Drive-Culver Highway intersection now

Another horrific accident intersection of Old Culver Highway and Bear Drive.

Our property butts up against those two roads, and over 50-plus years of living here, we've seen any number of bad/fatal accidents; a number of times they've plowed through our fence lines both on Bear and Culver Highway.

So many times we've seen farmers' vehicles (trucks/tractors/implement trailers, hay trucks) try to get in either on or off Culver Highway to the north or south and hold our breath they will make it. A long truck cannot make the corner off Culver Highway turning right onto Bear Drive. Many times, they've taken out our fence. We sweat bullet trying to get out/in our driveway because of the small rise. We can't see southbound traffic. They roll up on you at breakneck speed, blinker on for quarter mile turning into our driveway. We count many times 30 cars per minute on weekends, and slightly less during working hours on the Culver Highway. That doesn't include the big trucks, long trailers, motorhomes. Sorry, it's a zoo.

There are a number of things that need to be done immediately. No. 1 – Decrease the speed between Madras and Metolius to 45 mph as people think this straight away is a drag strip, especially when they come from Metolius and down the hill through the gap by our place. No. 2 – Bear Drive from the Culver Highway to Highway 97 is a death trap. Many people have been killed where it intersects Highway 97 and the intersection next to our house (Bear and Culver Highway). BLOCK BEAR DRIVE OFF in both places. The people that live on the north side of Bear Drive can go and come from Madras area. The people that live on the south side of the Culver Highway can go and come via Dover Lane. Create passing lanes on east and west side and turn lane in middle of Highway 97 where it intersects Dover Lane. Rumors of a roundabout? Give us a break. All these big long freight trucks, much less the motor homes, trucks, farm vehicles … that would be insane. Come sit in our back yard, or better yet, have the police sit in our driveway day after day and catch all of speeders that roll by. A solution needs to be happening and now is really too late.

Kay Simmelink


Schmith extremely qualified to lead

We are voting for Kim Schmith for Jefferson County Commission.

In the 35 years we have lived in Jefferson County, the demography of our population has evolved and become enriched with diversity. Kim reaches out to all ages, ethnic, cultural groups and communities. She is committed to providing all residents a voice in the future of the county.

Kim identifies the need to address all facets of Jefferson County. As a small business owner, she recognizes maintaining and growing a thriving business sector is vital to our future.

As a health care provider, a mentor in our schools, and a dedicated volunteer, Kim also sees the unmet needs of many in our communities.

Continued progress and livability in Jefferson County require building on our current strengths – promoting business, agriculture and tourism. But we also need to develop a more inclusive and supportive place for all segments and groups within our population.

Kim personifies the insight and leadership needed going forward in this endeavor.

Listening to and addressing the needs of those with little or no voice is critically important in making Jefferson County a vibrant and desirable place to live, work and raise a family.

Join us in voting for Kim Schmith for Jefferson County Commission. She is the candidate best suited to meet these challenges.

Barbara and Tom Manning


Schmith gets retired farmers' votes

We are writing this letter to proudly recommend Kim Schmith for County Commissioner of Jefferson County. Kim grew up in Madras and graduated from Oregon State University. She is pragmatic and will make smart decisions for our county, weighing all sides of an issue. Kim will work to enhance and strengthen our rural community with priorities for protecting farm land, creating smart economic development and jobs, maintaining infrastructure and roads and finally supporting our schools.

Kim has been attending the commissioner meetings regularly to become informed on issues facing our county, so she will hit the ground running to work for all of us if she is elected.

Kim is a huge community volunteer. She has volunteered with MountainStar Relief Nursery Madras, Relay for Life and her church. She is the advisor to the MHS Key Club and a standout mentor in the Future Center at MHS, working enthusiastically with our students on leadership skills and to help them navigate career options after high school. We believe she will apply the same work ethic and rigor to working for all the citizens of Jefferson County to make our county economically strong and prosperous.

Please consider voting for Kim Schmith in our May election. Kim's commitment to strengthening Jefferson County will benefit all of us. Linda and Brad Clowers,


So, what has Biden done? Anything?

It appears any letter for Biden is literally a Trump/Republican bashing session. I have not heard why I should vote for Biden, only why I should not vote for President Trump. I don't see Biden signs in people's yards, there are no Biden rallies. I have not heard any discussions about what he will do for Americans in the next four years. Only Trump/Republican bashing.

What I would like to hear from Biden supporters is what will he do for us that is better than the current administration. What are his major accomplishments for his 47-year career? Please provide to the American people the PROS for Biden. I have heard more than enough negativity about the President and his supporters.

Julianna Lundy


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