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Writers back Schmith for commissioner, urge support for GOP, and praise for the many behind the POW/MIA highway dedication

Schmith will represent all of county

We are writing this letter in support of Kim Schmith for Jefferson County Commissioner.

Kim loves the diversity of our rural community and maintains a very positive attitude. She is devoted at working hard to improve the lives of everyone. Kim is well aware of the needs of Jefferson County as she has grown up here, graduated from Madras High School, and is a small business owner.

We have become aware of the recent efforts by the commission to seek approval of an Urban Renewal District of 26,000 acres in Jefferson County that would impact farmland and our rural cities. This decision should require the approval of citizens of the county and taxpayers. She would provide a fresh perspective in dealing with the proposed Destination Resort and Urban Renewal District creation proposed by the current commissioners.

Kim would help modernize our county by bringing high-speed internet to the entire county, not just the larger cities, improve infrastructure starting with repairing and maintaining roads and protecting precious farmlands from lavish development. She would welcome open dialogue between county residents and leaders and preserve our values.

It is imperative that our county commissioners represent our whole population. Kim would embrace transparency and add a very worthwhile and needed perspective to the Jefferson County government. As farmers, we definitely support Kim Schmith as a county commissioner.

Buck and Bonnie Grote


We appreciate Schmith's vision

Kim Schmith knows Jefferson County as a native and a local businesswoman and volunteer. She has worked hard to understand the social, economic, agricultural and educational issues of our population and has listened closely to the diverse concerns of local citizens. Her vision of the future of Jefferson County strikes us as inclusive, realistic, coherent and optimistic—and we support her enthusiastically for election as county commissioner.

Jerry and Dorothy Ramsey


Commissioners won't answer my simple questions

Can anyone tell me if I am expecting too much from our county commissioners? I have asked all three commissioners repeatedly by email over the last three weeks to answer three questions that I have, and so far, I have received no answers.

My questions are: 1) What is it going to take before you do something to address the coronavirus pandemic publicly and do your jobs as county leaders? 2) What is your opinion of Measure 16-96? (The one that requires county commission meets about making part of Oregon, part of Idaho) 3) What is your opinion of the Qanon movement?

I have given them the opportunity to answer these questions privately and they have chosen not to, so I will try asking publicly. Now that the President, who didn't take the virus seriously has it, maybe our commissioners will start taking it seriously. I am not trying to make a big issue out of this, I just want answers, real answers, not smoke and mirror answers to my questions.

Dennis Prince


Trump will win in landslide

The upcoming election cannot be over soon enough. While supporters of the President hold huge patriotic rallies, including motorcycle rallies and boat rallies, supporters of the Democratic nominee riot, burn down cities and loot stores.

I supported the once great Democratic party for many years, but no more! Today's party has become controlled by radicals who have turned the party into something ugly, dangerous and destructive to America. The party has presented no viable presidential candidates with the exception of Tulsi Gabbard, who was too smart, patriotic, a military officer and an independent thinker who the radicals could not control, so the party shunned her like a rattlesnake.

The current panic by the Democrats is another example of lunacy, President Trump will nominate a new Supreme Court Justice whether before the election or after, doesn't really make any difference.

The great American silent majority has been watching the unbelievable lunacy by the Democratic party and is not happy. President Trump will not only be re-elected, but we wouldn't be surprised if he is re-elected by the biggest landslide in the country's history.

Frank G. Gardner

Fernley, Nevada

Many hands made highway dedication magnificent

On Friday, Sept. 18, National POW/MIA Recognition Day, a very nice ceremony was held at Veterans Civic Plaza by City Hall to remember and honor Jefferson County/Warm Springs POW's and MIA's. 

This ceremony was to also dedicate the official designation of U.S. Highway 26 as Oregon POW/MIA Memorial Highway.  Very nice in that it was well attended and because many individuals and organizations stepped up to do "their part."  In the Sept. 23 Pioneer, there was both a front page and an interior page of full narrative and photos of the ceremony.  I would like to offer that to pull off such a  ceremony with its honor and protocols for our veterans, with multiple participants and family members, is not an easy task.  And this one started a couple months prior to Sept. 18.

However, with the many distancing and safety requirements due to COVID, there was one small on-site meeting  (with face masks) and three weeks prior to the ceremony.  The full coordination was handled digitally.  You absolutely had to be there to watch the complete set up and people arrive with all the requisite materials, tables, chairs, tents, podium, speaker, flag displays, speaker displays, presenters and the several mini practices … and the ceremony started on time. 

People did what they said they were going to do, this ceremony was not about us, but those POWs and MIAs and their loved ones from our Jefferson County and Warm Springs communities.

Have you ever heard Echo Taps before? 

Final note, I want to offer my sincerest thank you to both the city of Madras and the Madras Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce.  Both stepped up early to offer their support and problem solving and resources to make this one very classy ceremony.  If you attended the dedication, it just magically appeared and happened.  Yes, because many made it so.   And kudos to the city and Chamber who were very much part of that magic. 

Mack Gardner     


Taxpayers paid for campaign literature

When Rep. Dan Bonham's campaign mailer (entitled "Legislative Update" ) arrived in my mailbox last week, I read it with interest as the campaign flyer it obviously was, glad to know what he sees as his successes and visions as the election approaches, and as I considered which candidate to support for his seat. Rep. Bonham has been a very good friend to Maupin, where I live, work, and where I helped to lead the campaign to raise funds for our new library and civic center. In fact, Rep. Bonham was instrumental in our town being awarded state lottery funds for upgrades of our infrastructure crucial to our community's economic survival and development. As such, I have been glad in the past to help create local opportunities for voters to get to know him, and have enjoyed and appreciated our interactions. For these reasons, I was profoundly disappointed to learn that Rep. Bonham's election-timely flyer had in fact been paid for by taxpayer dollars, and not by his personal campaign funds, despite the fact that it arrived in voter mailboxes 45 days prior to the election. Such timing conflicts with the intent of the state rules which specify a 60-day blackout period for taxpayer-funded newsletters by those representatives seeking re-election— rules designed precisely to prohibit the kind of thing that Bonham's mailer effected, which was to smuggle campaign promotion under the guise of a "legislative update," at taxpayer expense. While it turns out that Bonham's flyer did not violate the letter of the rule (which permits the 60-day period to include the time involved for printing and mailing, after the flyer leaves the legislator's hands), the fact that it clearly violates the spirit and intent of the rule is extremely troubling to me, since it points to a lack of judgement and ethical integrity on the Representative's part. So although Rep. Bonham has publicly expressed regret for the timing of the flyer, citing "a hectic year," his regret would seem less hollow and more consequential, and his integrity less in question, were he to voluntarily repay the taxpayers the $14,439.36 we spent on his campaign materials. I hope and expect that he will choose to do so.

Donna Henderson


Register, and vote Republican

The deadline for registering to vote in the November election is October 13th. We have been busy at the Republican election office on SW Highway 97 registering new voters and helping those who want to change their address or their party affiliation. If you are not able to use the Secretary of State's web site, please feel free to drop into the office for voter registration forms, regardless of your party affiliation. This election is of vital importance!

In times past, I would just disregard those I knew who voted Democrat because their parents and family were Democrats. But, unfortunately, the time is past to just shrug it off and excuse no information voters. The choice could not be clearer in this election as we watch what is happening in cities and state controlled by Democrats.

Democrats stand for defunding the police who protect us. They accept riots and violence as a means to enact a Leftist agenda. They want to literally and figuratively tear down our history and rewrite it so that our children forget America's founding principles and our nation's struggles to create a more perfect union. They reject God and the nuclear family. They reject the right of free speech and support through their "cancel culture" ruining the life and livelihood of anyone who disagrees with them. They celebrate and support killing babies in the womb and even after birth. They reject the idea that capitalism has created the most prosperous nation on earth. (Even China's limited capitalism has lifted millions out of poverty in that Communist nation.) They are fighting to make this a socialist, Marxist country. To accomplish all of this, first they want to bankrupt our nation with profligate spending and then they want to take away your guns and your right of self-defense.

Please consider these things and vote for Liberty on November 3rd. May God bless America!

Sue Rahi


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