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Jefferson County Board of Commissioners candidate receives backing; another letter contends Trump has repeatedly failed as president

New to Madras, impressed with Schmith

I am new to the Madras community and want to share how welcoming Kim Schmith has been to me. Sometimes it is the little things that makes a person feel welcome, for example when she came over to check on me when I first got here, before we had even met, when the power was out for a couple of days, trees were down all around us and from the spring May superstorm. 

Kim took the time to talk with me about wildfire danger, explain field burning versus wildfires, she spent time introducing me to people at the Fourth of July Parade, and takes any text or call to answer questions, give me directions on where to get things locally.

How I feel about my new community (loving it!) is in large part to Kim Schmith's welcoming nature, and her love, passion and knowledge of the community is commendable. And she's even taking care of my horses for me this weekend. She is exactly the type of person I want as my rural leader, and I'll be voting for Kim Schmith for county commissioner. 

Maryann Evans


Biden by far best candidate

I am writing to encourage everyone to vote for Joe Biden. I am not writing this in my role as city council person, and this letter is not endorsed by or supported by anyone in the city or on the city council. For me, this is not an election based primarily on the candidates' position on a variety of issues. We can all disagree and have good discussions about how to solve this great county's many problems. For me, it is an election about character. Character counts.

Recently, a group of mean-spirited men plotted to kidnap a state's governor and put her on a fake trial, and then actually execute her. Trump used his Twitter account to attack that governor, not the criminal plotters. Character counts. In his recent rallies, he has called his opponent a criminal and led chants to "lock him up." Study the behavior of Stalinist Russia for how leaders treat their opponents and note the similarities. Character counts.

This country has 4% of the world's population and over 20% of the world's COVID deaths (please don't waste our time with "well we count differently," do the research, no we don't). And yet our president mocks and ridicules the scientists who are fighting to deal with this crisis. He called them "idiots" this morning. Character counts.

His behavior in the first debate revealed to me a man who is ill-prepared to discuss important issues, so he simply bullied his way through, hoping we don't remember that behavior on every eighth-grade playground in the country. Character counts.

I could list many other examples of how his character has been revealed to me. So how do we react to this kind of behavior? We vote. Elections count.

Bartt Brick


Schmith has earned my vote

I am writing to endorse Kim Schmith for the position of Jefferson County Commissioner. I grew up in a rural, agricultural community in Northern California and truly understand Kim's deep connection to Jefferson County and her commitment to maintaining the vitality of rural life.

My many years in the museum profession convince me that art, education and attention to the local economy are essential to maintain a vibrant community. Kim Schmith brings a commonsense attitude and a strong commitment to hearing the voices of ALL members of this diverse community.

I saw how Kim's skills as a leader inspired local youth and families while working on projects with the Kiwanis Key Club and the Rotary Interact program.

Sensitive, sustainable and appropriate community development is vital for the future of Jefferson County. Kim Schmith brings a positive perspective that features clarity of vision and strength of purpose.

Carol Leone


Husband outlines candidate's qualities

Jefferson County has a unique opportunity with the candidacy of Kim Schmith for county commissioner. She was raised and educated in Madras and graduated from Oregon State University. She traveled extensively, lived and worked several years abroad, got her master's in acupuncture and returned to Madras to establish her successful practice. She came back to Madras because she loves the area, and she loves its people.

Kim is proud of her family's interest in public service. Her uncle was on the Idaho Supreme Court, a great uncle in Idaho labor relations. Her father was road master for the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs, and her mother was a speech therapist for 509J. Her sister and brother both work in public and social service.

Kim volunteers tirelessly with and for the youth of Jefferson County. Through Kiwanis, she has organized and expanded Operation Rudolph for several years. She reactivated Key Club in the high school, which has become a large and active organization. She has been active in the Future Center in the Madras High School, helping high school juniors and seniors to plan postgraduate jobs, training and education. She has helped dozens of students acquire scholarships worth thousands of dollars.

Kim wants Jefferson County to have opportunities for its young people, to broaden its economic base, and to maintain the high quality of life. She wants to see high-speed broadband available county wide, allowing remote worksites. She wants to improve collaboration between county, state and federal government to improve opportunities and services in our diverse communities. Kim wants to work with schools to develop community-based vocational training in corroboration with local businesses. 

In full disclosure, I know this of Kim because I am proud to say she is my wife. Even if that were not the case, I would still enthusiastically support her candidacy for county commissioner. She is a breath of fresh air. I respect her vision and appreciation for the people of Jefferson County. If you have already voted, well done for supporting democracy! If you haven't voted yet, please consider Kim Schmith for county commissioner. She is worthy of your consideration.

Steve Evers


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