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When will humans be the endangered species? We all need to play a role in reducing gun violence

Humans and farmers are the real endangered species

How many more endangered species are there going to be? Also, what contribution do they make to us and the environment, spotted frogs, salamanders, mussels, etc?

I hear all the time that they are important to the environment but have yet to hear why. If they disappear from the ecosystem, are we in peril of disappearing?

Maybe it's time to think about the truly endangered species, the human and the farmer. Without the farmer maybe that would create a food supply issue. I do not know about the majority of you, but I don't plan on listing a frog, mussel, salamander, or an owl to my list of preferred foods! No, I think I would rather have bread (made from wheat), corn, potatoes, etc. In order to produce these crops the farmer needs water!

There may be some people that feel like that is just a tough break for the farmer. To that issue I would like to propose this question. Let's just say, hypothetically speaking, Deschutes Valley Water District has to for some unforeseen reason stop the use of domestic water being applied to your lawn or garden. You say they cannot do that. You may want to check that out DVWD is intended for domestic use. But my lawn will burn up, and my garden will die. Explain to me how that compares to the livelihood of the farmer.

If he cannot raise a crop to sell, how does he or she pay the bills, and provide for the family? I don't think a lawn or garden lost can compare to a farmer lost.

Another question is when you are required to maintain a year round stream flow and that drains the reservoir, what happens to the aquatic life of the reservoir?

One last thing, I am not an environmentalist, but like many others I do want to help save it, but a frog, mussel or salamander over a farmer? Not really a tough call.

Dan McCool


Gun violence is embarrassing for country; let's all do something about it

I'm writing in response to the article about national embarrassment over the gun violence. For the life of me I will never understand what has happened in this country for people to go out and shoot other people and think it's ok. When I was growing up and in high school the boys had guns in the gun racks in their pickup trucks at school No one even considered shooting anyone. But back then we never had violent video games and movies at the theater that had violent content required you to be 18 to see them. In my opinion these things have contributed to the violence we have been seeing. I think when young kids have access to these it kind of becomes reality to them. Which how can it not when they are sitting in front of the TV playing these games for hours on end and then staying up late and watching violent movies. To a young mind it's probably hard for their minds to differentiate reality from non-reality. Let's face it, gun control will never happen in this country. It is a right to own and bear guns and people take that seriously. I think people are not against keeping guns away from those that shouldn't have them. But let's face the fact that those are the people that have guns to kill other people. It's going to take everyone to enforce that guns are not to kill people to the younger generations. It's going to take everyone to report if they hear anyone talking about killing someone and it's going to have to be taken seriously. Taking things away from the police making it harder for them to do their job and putting their lives at risk is not helping. And it's going to take the good policemen to turn in the bad policeman and get them out before they kill innocent people. And it's going to take the good ones to say hey you can't do that and not just stand by and watch while the bad ones abuse their power as policemen. It's really sad we have let our country become an embarrassment. Without both sides of the gun issues working together and the citizens and police standing up and saying hey this is not right and talk to kids about guns and what their real purpose is for, hunting and self defense and quit letting them have access to all the violent video games and TV shows.

Erica Crossan


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