Tamara EidemillerMy name is Tamara Eidemiller and I was diagnosed with melanoma cancer in October 2009 from a mole on my neck, which I had since birth.

I went through surgery immediately that year, which was followed up by scans every three months to monitor the cancer. They showed the cancer was gone on my first scan.

In February 2011, my scan showed that the cancer had returned in the same area and per the biopsy taken, it now was possibly in my lymph nodes. I immediately underwent extensive surgery on my neck and into the back of my head this time, which involved taking out over 40 lymph nodes.

I then went through chemotherapy, which involved infusions every day for over 30 days. I also had shots at home every day for a short while, but stopped them as they were making me too sick.

We then started the scans every three months again, and the first scan showed the cancer was gone. But in May 2012, the scan showed the cancer was back again in the same area. So, I underwent surgery again, which this time involved the base of my chin.

After recovery, in August 2013, we started radiation treatments every day for over 30 days and I contracted Bell's palsey during that time. Thank God the Bell's palsey only lasted two weeks, as per my neurologist, I had a miraculous recovery and all my symptoms just disappeared.

I completed the radiation treatments and then started the scans again every three months. The first one showed I was clear of cancer once again. In June 2013, the scan showed the cancer had returned, and now it had spread down by my heart and my lungs, which was inoperable.

I was referred to Portland Providence Hospital to be part of a case study trial involving a new drug for melanoma that was in the second stage of the trial.

In August 2013, I was lucky enough to become a part of this case study. It involved two days of radiation before my one-week stay in the hospital with three infusions every day of this new drug (the number of infusions varied depending on the amount my body could withstand).

Then I had two weeks off to recover, and then another week stay in the hospital with daily infusions. I then had four weeks off to have a scan done to track the cancer and it was shrinking!

I went through another round of the above, except no radiation with two weeks in the hospital and then a scan was done which showed the cancer was gone!

My doctor decided at that time that I was done with treatments and we would just monitor my remission by scans every three months. My last scan was in May , and it still is clear, so I am clear of cancer and remain in remission.

Thank you Lord! The power of prayer works!

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