Annual trek is from Culver to St. Patrick's Catholic Church in Madras

FILE PHOTO - Pilgrimage walkers head out of Metolius toward Madras during last year's walk.The annual Lady of Guadalupe Pilgrimage walk from Culver to Madras will take place on Saturday, Dec. 10.

Held by members of St. Patrick's Catholic Church, the walk starts from Culver City Park at 8 a.m., stops at Metolius Elementary at 10 a.m., and arrives at St. Patrick's Catholic Church around 12 p.m.

The pilgrimage commemorates the appearance of the Lady of Guadalupe (Virgin Mary) to Mexican peasant Juan Diego on Dec. 9, 1531, at a place called the Hill of Tepeyac, near the present-day Mexico City. She asked that a church be built on the site in her honor.