Business can do estate sales, or individual items. Customers can preview sale items at the shop.

SUSAN MATHENY/MADRAS PIONEER - Juniper Auctions owner Cindy Fisher shows a 1950s wedding dress, which is part of her next vintage clothing auction. Customers can preview other items at the shop, such as the child's saddle in front. 
Juniper Auctions was opened by Cindy Fisher in December to help people sell items online.

Fisher grew up in Madras and has been auctioning antiques and other items online for over five years.

Her new store front is located at 285 SW Second St., across from the Madras Elks Lodge.

"Ninety-nine percent of my business is things people consign, then I auction them online. I ship items all over the United States," Fisher said.

She said her business can help people who are unfamiliar with computers, those holding estate sales, and people who have things with a high value, and don' t want to sell them on eBay.

Juniper Auctions sells everything from jewelry to vehicles. Under the consignment agreement, she charges the seller 25 percent of the sale price, the purchaser a 10 percent buyer's fee, and the buyer also pays the postage for shipping.

"A lot of my sales are local, and people can pay by cash, check or the 'Square' for credit cards," she said.

Fisher takes in and stores auction items until there are enough for an auction. Her goal is to hold one auction every other month. However, she is doing three themed auctions this month.

They include a vintage clothing and costume auction; an estate auction with antiques, tools and rocks; and an auction of die-cast cars and NASCAR memorabilia.

As consignment items come in, she photographs them from several angles and posts them online for computer viewing. But buyers in Madras can also see items in person.

"I'm open a few days before an auction, so people can come in to see and touch the items," Fisher said, adding, "Most of my auctions have 400 or more lots."

Those interested in consigning or buying items can contact Fisher at 541-480-8561, or view auction offerings at

Fisher is planning to delve into another sideline at the shop in the next few months. She recently bought a laser engraver, which will allow her to personalize wine glasses, coasters and other items for weddings and special events.

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