Student correspondent describes the program the school has taken on to help baby Tucker.

SUBMITTED PHOTO - School reporter Ashlynn Johnson.By Ashlynn Johnson

On Jan. 25, Metolius Elementary decided to introduce their very first Sparrow, but before that we went through our normal assembly schedule which included: Student of the Month awards, Mrs. Jean's Awards, and Ms. LP's Golden Kazoo Award. Mrs. Arthur also introduced the new animal of the month (beaver).

Soon after the awards, Nancy Childers from the Sparrow organization came and talked to us about how we can change the world by picking up trash, helping our community, or having respect for others.

Our school, Metolius Elementary, has a lot of volunteers to help; in fact if we put in three to seven hours of community work each, we can help our sparrow.

After the introduction we watched a video of a boy who loved superheroes. He wanted to be one, he tried every trick in the book. Nothing worked, though we learned that you don't have to have super powers to save someone, you just have to respect for the environment, and people.

We shared ways of how to help our environment. "Pick up trash," "Give money to charity," "Help your family," "Help our community," a bunch of students in the audience shouted out.

When we were done thinking of ways to help the environment, we watched a slide show so we could get to know our Sparrow more. Our Sparrows name is Tucker. Tucker has heart problems.

He was diagnosed with Digeorge Syndrome, which means he only has one vessel in his heart. We have two. Tubes got put in his heart to help him breathe, and help his heart beat correctly. Tucker is 8 months old and is doing great. We're very excited and happy that we have our very first Sparrow.

What is a Sparrow? A Sparrow is a person, who needs money to help their disorder. Tucker, for example has heart problems. We're working hard with our corporate sponsor, Les Schwab to save money for Tucker.

Tucker will soon grow out of his heart tube, and will need a new tube for his heart. We are

helping Tucker the best we can by doing community service to pay for his medical bills.

We are extremely thankful that Tucker is healthy and a happy boy. Kianea and I are very proud of the people who decided to put community work in for Tucker. This is a special little poem we wrote for Tucker:

Tucker, the Best

Tucker is the best, he beats the rest.

He's staying strong for his dad and mom.

He has a disorder,

That will never build a border.

He has a lot of friends.

Whose friendship will never end.

No bandage will ever stay,

But nothing will ever get in his way.

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