Classroom achievement was highlighted at a schoolwide assembly, which began with a Brain Bowl.

SUSAN MATHENY/MADRAS PIONEER - Juniors, from left, Erika Olivera, Katherinne Parodi, Erica Desjardins, Shania Garcia and Jensen Comment show their answer to a question during the Brain Bowl competition.
Academic Week was celebrated at Madras High School last week, with top students' photos posted on a hallway bulletin board, and prizes given out all week for those with the best state test scores, grade point averages, and more.

Classroom achievement was highlighted at a May 3 schoolwide assembly, which began with a Brain Bowl, with top students from each grade level competing against each other. Dressed in the jerseys of various MHS athletic teams, Brain Bowl participants ran into the gym as announcer Allen Hair read information about their gpa, favorite subjects, or where they plan to go to college.

During rounds, Hair read off questions for the teams, including: "What does AVID stand for," "On which two Japanese cities was the atom bomb dropped?" and "What is the term for the passing on of traits from parents to offspring."

Between rounds, Department awards were presented to outstanding students:

Math, Ivan Escalante Torres; English, Maddy Breach; Music, Allison Turek; art, Alesha Freeman; JROTC, Gigi Albarran.

SKillsUSA, Brooklyn Stinson, Grayson Dominguez, Jasmine Lopez, Jessica Olivera, Thalia Culpus, Elan Rios; athletic scholars, Izzy Tapia, Tyler Anderson, Laisha Alvarez, and Lynden Harry.

Health and P.E., Gabrielle Smith; Life Skills, Shellee McCoy; science, Eduardo Vega Ruiz; career, technical and engineering, Jake Frank, Maddy Breach, Katie Weygandt, Taylor Lange, Aiyanna Kalama and Kyle Hartman; social studies, Jared Holliday.

The assembly ended with an award for the most improved, or best "turnaround" student, presented by teachers and coaches Kurt Taylor and Shawna McConnell. The award went to Alex Hernandez, whose motivation to improve his grades was a desire to play football. Hernandez went from a 1.64 gpa to a 3.00 gpa and got to join the team.

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