'Fun'draising event raises an estimated $17,000-$20,000 to help with medical expenses.

JENNIFFER GRANT/MADRAS PIONEER - Sporting Jazzercise and other 80s attire are, from left, Heidi Boyle, Marilyn Dewy, Linda Clowers, Michelle Rask, Angela Harris and Dee Poland.
Crazy costumes, '80s music, dancing, and casino games were highlights of the "Hairless Nation" party, Nov. 17, which raised an estimated $17,000-$20,000 to help with medical expenses for Madras resident Chuck Patterson.

Some 247 people attended the fundraiser, many sporting Farrah Fawcett-style hair and sporty or bare shouldered costumes.

Organizer JR Brooks noted of his friend Patterson, "He's always the one helping, not the one being helped, and he didn't want people feeling sorry for him. He allowed us to do this as long as it was a fun event – a party – and it definitely was."

JENNIFFER GRANT/MADRAS PIONEER - Chuck Patterson joined the party via Face Time.The Party Team, from Bend, entertained people with black jack and craps games. There was a meal, numerous raffles, and a live auction which included a guitar signed by Kiss Band member Paul Stanley.

The evening ended with a dance with music by DJ Scott Smallwood. Brooks noted he and Patterson used to do DJ events with Smallwood when they all were in high school, which made it a nice touch.

Patterson tuned into the party via Face Time, and gave an update on his condition. "That was a touching and emotional part. They're doing four tests, and he's gotten two back which were negative for leukemia. The other two are more comprehensive and the results are pending," Brooks said.

JENNIFFER GRANT/MADRAS PIONEER - Brentley Foster's date Thomas Lubinski came dressed as 'Mr. T,' complete with a mohawk.Patterson received a transfusion for his leukemia at Oregon Health Sciences University and has been released, but must stay close by in an apartment in Portland for around 90 days, and the funds raised will also help with that.

"More than the money raised, I think the amount of love and community support at the event will do more for Chuck's immune system – because you can't buy that. For that many people to show up is just phenomenal," Brooks said, adding, "He's been in stitches watching all the videos from the event for the past few days."

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