Nichole and Mik Wimpari are keeping the old favorites, emphasizing customer service.

TONY AHERN/MADRAS PIONEER - Cassia Dawn greets customers at Java Rock Espresso, which was purchased by new owners last fall, but still offers the same consistent products that its customers are accustomed to purchasing.Java Rock Espresso is striving for consistency through a season of change.

"We have been getting a lot of positive feedback," said Nichole Wimpari, a Culver resident, who along with her husband, Mik, bought the shop in October 2018.

It's important to Wimpari that they keep drink recipes, syrup offerings and the coffee beans the same as they have always been. She said that when someone is a regular at a coffee shop, going through every day to get a specific cup of coffee the person doesn't want the routine to be disrupted.

"At this time we are trying to put out a consistent product, with really good customer service," Wimpari said.

Since taking over the business in October, the owners have started to make some upgrades and changes that don't involve messing with the flavor of someone's drink, beginning with upgrades to the inside of the shop to create a more efficient work space for their baristas.

However, they are open to some changes closer to the coffee itself. Wimpari said they are going to soon have branded tumblers for sale, adding new snacks to their menu and are open to suggestions from their customers on things they could add to their menu without taking away old favorites.

For those wondering if certain deal days are still going to occur, not to worry, the shop is going to continue to offer $2 Tuesday, double punch Wednesday and $1 off Redbulls on Friday.

Currently, employing four baristas at the shop, Wimpari is no stranger to business, though this is the first time she and her husband have owned one of their own.

Growing up Wimpari spent time in another type of shop, with her mother, who was always self-employed. The business produced motorcycle covers.

"I was kind of raised in the shop," Wimpari said.

Now, "I work in the shop from time to time and bring my kids," she said, mentioning that it is valuable experience for her boys, ages 10, 5, and 11 months, to learn how to interact with their customers.

The family has adjusted some things in their schedule since taking on the shop and it has become quite a time commitment, but Wimpari said, "We have actually been really enjoying it."

The shop is open 5 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 6 a.m to 6 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.

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