John Nilsen will perform a benefit concert on Friday at the Madras United Methodist Church.

 - Pianist John Nilsen will perform a mix of genres during a benefit concert Saturday, March 9 at Prineville Nazarene Church.Pianist and composer John Nilsen goes everywhere — including Madras.

On Friday, the accomplished Oregon musician will swing by the Madras United Methodist Church for an evening concert.

Nilsen will perform his piano solo music in Madras at 7 p.m. Friday, March 8, at the Madras United Methodist Church and then will head to Prineville for a 7 p.m. 75-minute show Saturday, March 9.

Nilsen, a pianist, guitarist, vocalist, songwriter and a performance and recording artist, will play a variety of genres.

"It'll cover folk and jazz and classical, and there'll be some boogie-woogie in there, and there'll be some songs that everybody knows, and there'll be some songs that nobody knows," he said, adding that some of his songs are traditional hymns as well.

He was born in Seattle, Washington, in the 1950s and was raised primarily in Portland. He currently lives in West Linn.

Nilsen's father was a pastor, and his mother was a private piano teacher and music director. He began studying classical piano with his mother at age 6, and started playing guitar at age 14.

His recording career began in 1983 when "Sea of Inspiration," a collection of original piano solos, was released on Eagle Records in Los Angeles, California. He founded his own recording label, Magic Wing, in 1987, and has since released several albums.

In the past 35 years, Nilsen has averaged 250 shows a year around the globe, performing as a solo pianist and solo guitarist. He also performs with his two bands, folk-rock band John Nilsen and Swimfish and the John Nilsen Trio, which performs a mix of folk, classical, jazz and rock.

"It's hard to put me into one genre because my music is sort of a combination of folk and jazz and classical, but I've built my career upon being a composer first," Nilsen said. "I will play some songs that I wrote and play some songs I didn't write, but being a composer comes first with me — that's my main deal."

Seventeen of his 20 records have been all original compositions.

"Local Ocean," his newest release, features Swimfish and was released in January 2017. Sessions for the 20th Nilsen recording began in 2017, continued throughout 2018 and are nearly completed.

His other album titles include "Above Me," "Across Oregon," "Footprints on Water" and "From the Sky."

Nilsen does the traditional hymns with a contemporary touch.


John Nilsen Piano Performance

Date: 7 p.m. Friday, March 8

Location: Madras United Methodist Church, 49 NE 12th St.

Admission: $10 at the door.

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