The 4-H Club met March 17, to follow up on fundraising plans and community service projects.

{filler:graphics-local-news-localnews.jpg}The Hoovsters 4-H Club met March 17, to follow up on fundraising activities, community service projects and we had a grain identifying exercise. This consisted of 24 different seeds known to be grown in Jefferson County. The idea was to identify as many as possible and then we went over what they actually were.

The club has approached a couple of service clubs in the community in regard to doing possible fundraising activities associated around some events they are holding. We also have contacted the senior center for a possible community service project we want to participate in.

We talked about proper food, water and shelter for our project animals and why that is important. And we will be checking with a local feed store about possibly holding a food education class.

We have a few club members attending Camp Tumbleweed the week of spring break, as well as one member attending as a camp counselor. It will be fun to hear about it at our meeting in April.

The next meeting will cover feed, wormers and vaccinations, and retouch on topics in regard to the fundraising.

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