Drive-up stand originated in Culver. It has a mission to connect with community and serve quality caffeinated drinks.

DESIREE BERGSTROM/MADRAS PIONEER - Stevie Myers, owner of Get Roasted Coffee Co., measures out several flavoring syrups to go into a house drink that some regulars order. The recipe was created by, and named after, her niece who works in the stand.On a sunny Thursday morning, Stevie Myers turns back and forth between the two windows of a brightly colored coffee stand, addressing customers in cars on both sides while making their drinks.

Writing on the window reads, "We have Eagle Bakery Cinnamon Rolls" in bouncy letters.

After a rush of four or five cars, Myers said that it often happens like that -- cars come in spurts, and she gets busy quickly, juggling two sets of customers from either window by herself.

While Get Roasted Coffee Co. may be new to Madras, located just north of Ding Ho Chinese restaurant in the Napa Auto Parts Parking lot, the drive-up shop has been cranking out the caffeine for about a year and a half out in Culver.

"We did really well in Culver," Myers said.

And since opening the shop in its new Madras location, "It's been going really well," she said.

"Thursday night (a week before) at 8 o'clock, I was like 'All right' we'll open on Friday' 'cause we finally had things finished and squared up." With a simple social media post, they were off and running in their new location the next day.

DESIREE BERGSTROM/MADRAS PIONEER - Syrups line the shelves of Get Roasted Coffee Co., a new drive-up stand in Madras.

Getting started

When she was younger, Myers worked for Java Rock Espresso here in town, when someone else owned it. She said the best thing about working in the industry is that you are doing something different every day, meeting new people and really getting to connect with them.

"I mean, you do the same thing all day, but it's not the exact same thing. Everybody that comes in gets something different, so that was always fun to me," she said. "It wasn't something boring or repetitive, and you get to see people all the time. It's fun to have your regulars and then meet new faces."

"I always said, 'Someday I'm going to open a coffee shop.'"

Myers and her mom had talked a lot about opening a food truck or coffee shop over the years and never really made progress.

Then, while driving through Metolius one day, her husband saw a coffee shop for sale. "It was just kind of a whirlwind super fast," she said. "We went from no plans of opening one to owning one in two days."

She said, "I grew up here." Spending all but six years of her life here in Jefferson County, she said, having the shop gives her the opportunity to be in the community and continue making friendships.

"Probably my favorite part about it is just making friendships," she said. "Making friendships and connections because I am definitely a creature of habit, so it's cool for me, especially in this small community."


The industry

"The business has changed so much since I did it a long time ago," she said. "Back then you only had a few choices of stuff. There wasn't a crazy amount of options, and energy drinks weren't a thing then," she said.

The shop sells, as Myers described it, a ridiculous amount of energy drinks, however, she said it still doesn't compare to the amount of coffee she passes through the window.

The top sellers include the "Bulldog," a caramel sauce mocha, and the "White Buffalo," a white chocolate Irish cream mocha, with the "Lake Billy," a white chocolate caramel hazelnut flavor, coming in just behind them.

"They're all excellent," she said, mentioning that her coffee is roasted locally, and she buys it not as darkly roasted as other places for a very specific reason.

"We have a very different coffee than people are used to," she said. "It's very smooth, it's not bitter.

"A lot of people if they are used to a different kind of coffee, and they drink this, sometimes they're like, 'Well, it just doesn't taste like coffee -- it's not strong enough,'" she said.

"Well, they're getting all the caffeine. They are actually getting more caffeine out of our coffee because I don't have it as dark roasted as most places do. They are just missing that bitterness factor that people associate with being good coffee that has caffeine."

Myers said she doesn't buy excessive stock of the beans, which are roasted the day before they are shipped to her from a local Oregon roaster, so that she doesn't have excess coffee sitting on a shelf forever before using it -- she wants to keep it fresh.

"We do our blended drinks different, too," she said. "Most coffee shops use a powdered mix to make them, and I do it old school with an ice cream base."

"They are so good," she said. "It's more expensive to do it that way, but for me it's about quality ingredients and using good stuff."

She also carries some unusual syrup flavors to make things a little different for her customers, including cantaloupe, cucumber and desert pear.

When they were open in Culver, Myers said they had monthly specials, which is something she will continue to do here in Madras once things get going.

When she is not working the shop, Myers keeps busy as a mom to her own kids and foster kids, and she said it can be a juggling act to find a balance. Right now, it is just her, her mother and co-owner Suzy Searles, and her niece running the busy stand.

That being said, the shop is currently taking resumes and hopes to hire some more help soon.

Myers said that in the future, she would like to open more shops and expand the business.

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