Will still hold Culver MS principal post

Brad Kudlac, the Culver High School athletic director for the past four years, presented his letter of resignation to the Culver Board of Directors at the May 13 meeting.

Kudlac cited family reasons for the resignation, saying he and his wife had their third child last Tuesday.

“Being a high school AD doesn’t allow you to be home that often, and with my family situation, I want to be home,” he said. “You have to work a lot of hours and there are plenty of headaches with the job. I’ve spent more time with other kids than I have my own.”

Brad KudlacKudlac will remain the principal of Culver Middle School, and he will be the athletic director there as well.

Shea Little, head baseball and football coach at Culver, will take over for Kudlac as athletic director, and Kudlac said there isn’t a person more prepared for the job.

“He cherishes all sports, and is instrumental in the kids’ lives here,” Kudlac said. “He’s the perfect fit for the school, and that’s why I hired him as a coach in the first place.”

While he knows what kind of strain the job can have on someone, mentally and physically, he still enjoyed his time as the athletic department’s head.

“I believe athletics can make a person better, and I enjoyed watching our kids develop into better people,” Kudlac said. “That will be one of my favorite memories from this job.”

Kudlac said part of his philosophy on hiring coaches was focused on “making better people first, and athletes second.”

“We want to build programs the right way,” Kudlac said.

During Kudlac’s tenure as athletic director, the department hired volleyball coach Randi Viggiano and won the school’s second volleyball championship, the first since 1987, this past fall. Kudlac also hired boys basketball coach Brennan Whitaker and brought in Mindi Hoke as an athletic secretary.

“”Mindi has been instrumental at helping run the department,” Kudlac said. “She picks up the slack when I can’t be around. I would have been lost without her.”

He also said the personal friendship he developed with Culver wrestling coach J.D. Alley has been one of the best parts of the job.

“I heard a lot of nasty rumors about J.D. when I got here, but none of them were even close to being true,” Kudlac said. “He’s one of the most bona fide human beings I have ever met, and he’s one of my best friends now.”

Kudlac also said that being part of the department when they won state championships was also a highlight of his. The wrestling team hung up three title banners, and the volleyball team one, during his tenure.

“I have sacrificed a ton to improve the athletic program, and I feel I’ve done that,” he said. “We made coaching changes for the right reasons, and brought in high quality people.”