A group takes the night owl hike at the Cove Palisades State Park with park ranger Erin Bennett.

STEELE HAUGEN - Park ranger Erin Bennett leads a night hike at the Cove Palisades.The Cove Palisades State Park is an extremely popular place in the summer. Camping, fishing, swimming are all things the Cove is known for. But what about when the sun goes down and the creatures come out?

On Thursday, July 26, Oregon State Park ranger Erin Bennett took a group out for a night owl hike that began at 9 p.m. A group of around 25 campers brought flashlights, glow sticks and an eagerness to explore the high desert at night.

Bennett has been a park ranger 23 years and an Oregon park ranger for eight years.

The group started at the Deschutes Market Store in the Deschutes campgrounds and started on their journey.

Bennett took the group on short trips to different locations near the campsite, stopping to teach kids about the wildlife. She talked to the kids about the importance of other senses besides sight. Bennett had a bag with different nature items, having the group guess what they were.

The group traveled together with their flashlights, in awe of all the bats that were in the night sky.

The group stopped a total of two more times, one to hear Bennett tell and old story about animals and an old man and the other to look at the moon, which was almost full and bright enough to light the path back.

STEELE HAUGEN - The night hikers learn to use different senses besides sight.Bennett talked about the blood moon that happened on July 27, along with the lunar eclipse, which could not be seen in North America.

She gave information on stars and constellations, leading into the Perseid meteor shower that started on July 27 and ends Aug. 24. The shower is considered a "moderate shower," and around 60 meteors can be seen per hour. The shower will be best seen when the moon is at its darkest.

"We do these hikes so people can see the park in a different light, the dark," said Bennett. "It gives campers and hikers a chance to do something different, something that they have not done before. I was able to talk about the different stars and tell cultural stories for everyone."

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