Sisters, Crook County no match for Madras as the Buffs start the season with 6-0 and 9-1 victories.

STEELE HAUGEN - Andres Acuna looks up the field during the team's dominant 9-1 victory over Crook County last Thursday.
Acuna scored four goals in the White Buffalos' win. They have outscored their first two opponents 15-1. 
The Madras boys soccer program was dominant in Thursday's 9-1 victory over the rival Crook County Cowboys.

After beating Sisters 6-0 on Aug. 27, the Buffs did not miss a beat, destroying the Cowboys in their second game of the season.

Madras struggled to find the net in the first part of the game, but controlled the ball, staying aggressive. The White Buffalos didn't find the back of the net until 7 minutes, 50 seconds left in the first half.

The goal was scored by senior Alex Diaz, who flipped the ball right over the goalie's head and into the back of the net.

Once the Buffalos scored their first goal, they found their stride and didn't look back. The boys scored another goal 16 seconds after Diaz made his.

Andres Acuna was the next to score for the Buffalos, tapping in the ball for an easy goal. The goal was assisted by sophomore Leo Gutierrez.

The Cowboys looked for a comeback as Crook County's Kevin Sanchez took the ball past some Buffalo defenders and was able to score across the net, past goalie Byron Patt.

That was the first goal Madras has given up in their first two games.

Minutes before the first half ended, Acuna was able to tap the ball in once more from a perfect pass by Melchor Olivera, making the score 3-1 before the break.

"We struggled in the beginning, pushing everything too much, but the second half, the team played a lot more smooth," Acuna said. "We found our game later and played pretty good by the end."

In the second half, the White Buffalos looked absolutely dominant, scoring six goals. Madras did not let Crook County take any shots on goal and controlled the ball, almost the entire game.

The next goal was scored by Gutierrez for a tap-in goal once more. Diaz controlled the ball on the left side of the field, dribbled past two defenders and made a beautiful pass to Gutierrez.

"I try and get the ball down the wing and pass it in the middle to my teammates," Alex Diaz said. "We still need to work on our communication and moving without the ball. Sometimes the team can be a little stiff."

The next goal was set up by a cross pass from Omar Diaz. Diaz made a cross pass that flew by Cowboy defenders right to Acuna. Acuna took his time, planted his feet and scored a goal in the bottom right corner of the net.STEELE HAUGEN - Alex Diaz blows past two Crook County defenders in the team's 9-1 win Aug. 31. Diaz ended the game with two goals and two assists.

The score was 5-1 in favor of the Buffs, with plenty of time left in the second half.

Alex Diaz received a pass in the middle of the field and launched the ball past the goalie, increasing the lead.

Acuna took a hard shot, which the goalie deflected, but Juan Mata was there ready for the rebound. Mata controlled the blocked kick and tapped it in himself.

Later in the game, Alex Diaz made another assist, to Tyrieke Rodriguez. Rodriguez shot the ball in the bottom right corner, past a diving Crook County goalie.

Gutierrez scored the final goal for the Buffs. He was set up from a pass up the middle by Cesar Aguirre.

The Buffs won 9-1 and pushed their record to 2-0, overall.

Acuna led the way for Madras, finishing the game with three goals. Gutierrez and Alex Diaz scored two apiece, while Rodriguez and Omar Diaz each added one.

"All the goals are important and it is good to see we can score; hopefully we can do the same in the hard games and the playoff games," Acuna said. "We need to keep practicing, work hard like we always do, and play our game. If we can do that in the future, we can find wins."

"I think the season has gone good so far, but there are still things we need to work on," Diaz said.

They faced 6A Mountain view, Tuesday, Sept. 4, after the Pioneer's news deadline.

Sisters game

The Madras boys soccer program started the season on a high note, Aug. 27. The Buffs destroyed Sisters in their season opener. Madras won 6-0, scoring four goals in the first half.

"When we started, we were a little nervous because quite honestly, we have not been able to practice as a team during the smoke and being indoors," said head coach Clark Jones. "We were confident we could beat Sisters, but I thought we would have to work a little harder than we did. Even though it was a 6-0 score, it was not that one-sided. It was just when we did our attacks we were able to finish."

"Sisters really did not make a lot of mistakes; the team really had to earn their goals and some of those were pretty spectacular," said Jones.

Five minutes into the game, Mellie Olivera was able to score from an assist by Alex Diaz. He shot the ball from about 20 yards out and put it on the top post, right above the goalie's head — off the top post and in.

A little after Olivera's goal, Alex Sanchez went to the corner of the field and passed it to Leo Gutierrez for a tap-in goal.

Twenty minutes into the half, Alex Diaz took the ball up the sideline and dribbled past six players for his goal. "He did exactly what the coaches taught him, which was not to go to the middle too early, which he didn't," Jones said. "It was really a spectacular goal, I found myself thinking, 'Wow, that was awesome.'"

At the end of the half, Tyrieke Rodriguez gave a pass to Leo Gutierrez for another goal, for a 4-0 lead. "Leo has proven to be a really good finisher, which is a really cool thing to see for a sophomore," said Jones.

After halftime, Madras was able to put all their players in and move the bench around. That did not stop Madras from scoring, as Acuna was able to score from another assist by Diaz.

California transfer Javier Sedano was able to go into the corner to place a perfect pass over two defenders for a diving Acuna. "That goal was a legitimate header, dive in mid-air, slide-on-your-belly goal," Jones said. "That was definitely a highlight reel goal."STEELE HAUGEN - Cesar Aguirre passes the ball toward the middle of the field during their 9-1 win over the Cowboys.

"The game was not perfect; we can definitely work more on our possessions," Jones said. "A little more communication — we really did not have time to practice with just the varsity squad yet this season, which was pretty amazing they were able to play like that."

"That is the experience and type of leadership they have," he said. "The team came ready to play and that does not always happen when you have distractions like that (smoke)."

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