White Buffalos lost to Gladstone Gladiators 6-0, Molalla Indians 2-1 in senior night game.

STEELE HAUGEN - Senior defender Monika Stacona takes the ball away from a Molalla player. 
The Madras girls soccer team lost a tough senior night game against Molalla, 2-1, Oct. 17. The girls had several chances during the under-the-lights game at the football field, but so few very close shots could not find the back of the net.

The White Buffalos were the aggressors from the starting whistle. A penalty on Molalla set up a free kick for senior captain Erika Olivera.

Olivera lined up the shot and kicked the shot around 30 feet out. The ball fired through the air and hit the crossbar, sending the ball in the air. Kelsey Olivera headed the ball in the air toward the goal.

The soccer ball went in the air above the goal and dropped in front of the net. There was a scramble for the ball between a pair of Molalla defenders and senior Jackie Zamora. Zamora won the control battle and tapped the ball in the empty net for a goal.

The White Buffalos took an early 1-0 lead, just a few minutes into the game.

Around 20 minutes into the first half, Emma Andrews, of Molalla, dribbled the ball down the left side of the field and kicked a low kick to the right side of the net for a score. Andrews' goal tied the game at 1-1.

A few minutes later, Ashley Albright, of Molalla, had an open shot, but Madras goalie Cheydon Herkshan leaped in the air for the save.

The White Buffalos were able to find a sprinting Brisieda Carlon for an open shot. Carlon beat the Molalla goalie to the ball and took a deep shot. The shot was partially blocked, off her fingertips.

Zamora hustled after the ball and received the ball off the deflection. She kicked the ball in the open net, but was called for offsides and the goal did not count.

Right before halftime, Madeline Lisac, of Molalla, took a shot with Madras senior defensive captain Jalaney Suppah on her hip. Herkshan was able the block the shot and the Buffs went into halftime tied 1-1.

STEELE HAUGEN - Senior Mary Olney throws the ball in during the Buffs' game against Molalla.Around 30 minutes left in the second half, the Indians found a way to score and took a 2-1 lead.

Madras went into attack mode, desperate for a score with only 10 minutes left to play. Carlon had a good look after fighting for the ball. On the right side on the net, she blasted a shot and barely missed the goal by inches.

The next play, Madras almost scored on a corner kick, but the Molalla goalie snatched the ball out of the air.

Carlon again found herself in scoring position with only a few minutes left of the Buffalos' senior night. Carlon took a shot off a deflection and hit the top of the cross bar, bouncing out of bounds.

The Buffs fought hard, but could not score at the end of the game and lost to the Molalla Indians 2-1.

"I feel like the girls were really fired up," head coach Shawn Darrow said. "They left their hearts out there. It was a battle from start to finish and this has been a team (Molalla) that has been at the top of the ranking for the last couple years. We had never even scored on this team and it was a fun one to be a part of."

STEELE HAUGEN - Jalaney Suppah tries dribbling past a Molalla defender. The Buffs lost 2-1 on senior night."The girls came out and played well, but a couple of breaks didn't go our way," Darrow said. "It is a game of inches. The season has been peaks and valleys. This game was one of our better, if not our best, game on the season, which was good after a couple big Valley losses."

The White Buffalos also lost to the Gladstone Gladiators 6-0, in Gladstone Oct. 15.

"We gave up a couple of bad goals early and that shifted the momentum pretty bad," Darrow said. "We could not adjust to the field and the pace of play got us. With teams like them and North Marion, where they have speed all over the field, it hurt us. We got down and could not get back from it."

The White Buffalos still have a chance to make the postseason this year with one game left. The top 20 OSAA ranked teams will have a postseason game and the Buffs are right on the cusp of making the top 20.

Madras had an away game against Estacada on Oct. 23, after the Pioneer's deadline. The game could decide if the Buffs make the postseason.

"One of the things is, we are going into their place, during their senior night, so it is going to be a rough game," Darrow said. "We need to come in with our heads in the right place. It doesn't matter how this team (Estacada) has played in previous games or how we have played against them before."

"We need to anticipate that they are going to come at us with every shot they can," he said. "Focus on the task at hand, because there is no tomorrow, especially if we don't come out with a win. They need to play with a do-or-die mentality. If we don't win, we are not moving on."

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