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The first Bonecrusher XCO races held at Madras Trails, drawing 200 racers and lots of praise

LON AUSTIN  - The start of the Cat 2 race during the April 17 Bonecrusher XCO race at the Madras Trails.Saturday, April 17, the Madras Trails hosted the Bone Crusher XCO Mountain Bike Race.

By all accounts, the race was a success, with 200 entrants competing in four different race classifications.

It was the first major event at the still relatively new Madras Trails, the biking, horseriding and dirt-trail running course on the east edge of Madras.

Category three riders raced two laps over an approximately four-mile course. Category two riders raced three laps over the same course, while Category one and Elite riders completed four circuits.

"Madras hosted an amazing event," said Brennan Morrow, CEO of the Central Oregon Trail Alliance Madras Chapter. "We had mountain bike racers attend from throughout the region, as well as multiple international pro riders."

The course was laid out Thursday evening by course designer Landon Farnworth, who also won the Elite race.

"About two or three months ago, me and Andrew Loscutoff (the race director) got out here and the second I got on it, I knew this was a handmade XCO course," Farnworth said. "That wasn't the intention when they were out here digging, but that's what it became. We knew we had to hold a race out here and we really wanted to bring XCO to the state of Oregon. It's a newer, fresher style and we were just super stoked to be able to put something together."

Riders were allowed to go over the course on Friday to familiarize themselves with it, as it had multiple route choices. In two locations on the course, riders could make the choice of taking a shorter route with a higher degree of difficulty or a longer easier choice.

"We had two A lines on the course," Farnworth explained. "One of them was open to all categories. None of the features were mandatory, but we were asking everybody to hit them if they went on the shorter A line. The other A line we only opened to Cat 1 and Elite riders because it had some bigger features. I think that everyone who hit it had a blast. We conducted the race safely while still allowing those advanced features to accommodate all skill levels."

The race raised several thousand dollars with the proceeds going to local youth groups. The funds will be administered by the MAC Dash.

"It was a huge success," Morrow said. "Madras is now known as a premier mountain bike destination. When we began our initial planning for this race, we were hoping to get at least 50 people to sign up We stopped taking entries at 200 as we were concerned that we couldn't comfortably serve more demand than that. When we do this next year, we'll be prepared for even more."

Races began at 9:30 with the category three riders, and continued throughout the day with the final riders in the Category one and Elite races finishing the course sometime after 2 p.m.

Farnworth led wire to wire in the Elite race, holding off several challengers early in the race to win going away.

"My goodness it was so nice," he said. "This is my fourth race this season. The first three races went well, but I was really gunning for this race and I felt like I really wanted to win."

Farnworth added that he believes that over time Madras will become a destination for world class mountain bike racers because of the quality of the terrain available to race on.

"We are just going to get bigger and bigger until we are getting national level talent out here," he said. "I was super excited to see how the course was accepted and I just had a blast. I love this style of racing. It's short. It's powerful. And it's a whole lot of fun."

Morrow agreed.

"With the overwhelming success of the Bonecrusher XCO, our team is now working on more bike events," he said. "For me, the biggest highlights didn't come from the great jumps, turns, or racing – although those were fantastic – but from seeing our amazing team here in Madras come together to host a race. We have deeply committed people who love serving our community. To see these champions come out to build something extraordinary was an incredibly inspiring feeling and showed once again how important community bonds can be."

Bonecrusher XCO results (top two finishers in each category only)

Cat 3 junior men, 12-18 – 1. Jack Billowitz. 2. Riley Plummer.

Cat 3 junior women, 12-18 – 1. Hannah Young. 2. Lauren Hartrich.

Cat 3 men, 19-39 – 1. Maricio Posada. 2. Greyson Turner.

Cat 3 women, 19-39 – 1. Taylor Karlin. 2. Dusty Davis.

Cat 3 men, 40-59 – 1. Todd Rinder. 2. Mark Gonsky.

Cat 3 women, 40-59 – 1. Dani Stiles. 2. Lynn Longan.

Cat 3 men 60+ – 1. Tad Hodgert. 2. Edward Lanton

Cat 3 women 60+ – 1. Tracy Miller.

Cat 2 junior men, 12-18 – 1. Jake Johanson. 2. Bjorn Blankenship.

Cat 2 junior women, 12-18 – 1. Stella Scholz. 2. Sascha Knight.

Cat 2 men, 19-39 – 1. Ben Taber. 2. Andrew Edick.

Cat 2 women, 19-39 – 1. Nikki Holzman. 2. Shelby Lee.

Cat 2 men, 40-59 – 1. Cort Johnson. 2. Lance Heppler.

Cat 2 men, 60+ – 1. Clinton Andring. 2. Michael Nyberg.

Cat 2 women, 60+ – 1. Lora Mekonian. 2. Ellen Mal Bernards.

Cat 1 junior men – 1. Zane Strait. 2. Caiden Hartrich.

Cat 1 junior women – 1. Madeline Stover. 2. Jenna Raymond.

Cat 1 men, 19-44 – 1. Tyler Miller. 2. Moses Keener.

Cat 1 women, 19-44 – 1. Alicia Prusinski. 2. Melissa Byrd.

Cat 1 men, 45+ – 1. Scott Hoed. 2. Tom Williamson.

Cat 1 women, 45 + – 1. Jennifer Hart. 2. Carrie Carney.

Elite men – 1. Landon Farnworth. 2. Payson Partridge.

Elite women – 1. Emma Maaranen. 2. Heidi Wood.

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