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Vacation season is almost upon us, and for many, a vacation overseas can often take years to plan. While it's more fun to daydream about lying on sunny beaches or storming ancient castles, it's important to take measures to protect your finances before you leave. Make sure that your vacation planning checklist includes a few essential items.

The first step is to account for your physical absence from your home. Just as you would draw your blinds and hire lawn service, you may also want to delay posting those photos until you are back home – no need to invite unwanted guests in your empty home. And always call your post office to hold your mail. Don't let identity thieves steal your bank account information right out of your mailbox! Also, consider automating your bill pay as Internet connections may be spotty or hard to find.

While using your credit card overseas helps you keep track of your spending, it also may offer benefits such as auto rental collision coverage or even waive currency exchange fees altogether. But make sure to let your credit card company know when and where you'll be traveling so they don't suspect fraudulent charges and freeze the card. Ouch!

Finally, stick to your budget! You may want to build in a financial cushion for those last-minute souvenir purchases. Once you've taken a few precautions, you can leave for your well-deserved R&R with peace of mind. For more tips and information, check out this month's Money Chat with Diane.



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