Government — Yamhill County Clerks Office provides online application to save time and money

It takes the average couple 30 to 40 minutes to complete an application for a marriage license. Yamhill County hopes to help couples out by making the application process even easier by going online.

The primary goal of the service, according to a press release, is to save customers time and money while providing them with options to help fit their busy schedules. The implementation will cost nothing extra to taxpayers.

While some couples will continue completing the marriage application at kiosks in the county clerk’s office, customers now have the option to complete the application from their home computer, tablet or other mobile device.

Both applicants are still required to be present when applying for the license and paying the $50 cash fee, but they do not have to be together to complete the application form.

The median family income in Yamhill County is $53,819. This equates to roughly $28 per hour for a couple, translating to $14 for the 30 minutes it takes to complete the application. The clerk’s office projects that they will process around 567 marriage applications this year. If each of those couples saved 30 minutes of their day, this is a direct savings to those citizens of $7,938.

The clerk’s office will continue to offer free kiosks in their lobby for those who wish to complete the application there. Now, customers have the choice of starting the application at home and then complete the process in person with both applicants’ signatures and payment.

The infrastructure improvements the clerk’s office made introducing e-Recording earlier this year are shared with the new system. The software in use already had the feature but was not compatible with the old computer system. The online license “module” was already included in the cost of the software so there was no additional cost for starting the system, officials said.