Plant retail and design studio set to open by spring on College Street adjacent to Blue Trout Gallery

A pair of couples with a passion for plants are opening a shop that will add a little color to downtown Newberg.GARY ALLEN - Uflora Plant House is expected to open in late February or early March and is a partnership of (from left) Andrew Kaye, Ella Kaye, Josi Hickernell and Taylor Hickernell.

All either recent graduates or current students at George Fox University, the group opening Uflora Plant House is made up of Ella and Andrew Kaye and Taylor and Josi Hickernell.

The shop will open "hopefully in the spring of this year," Ella Kaye said.

The group combined its creative skills and decided on a name to represent its express what type of plant store they wanted to start.

"Flora means plants of a particular habitat or region. Uflora implies the flowers and plants they sell will become a part of "U" and your home," Ella Kaye said.

The group said it liked the name Uflora because it sounds similar to the word euphoria, meaning delight and state of happiness and freedom.

"The description is just like our plants and atmosphere that reduces stress and creates a sense of well-being," as stated in their business plan.

"I have worked in a Portland based floral design studio for three years and started school a while back and knew in the back of my mind that I wanted to start a business in Newberg," Ella Kaye said. "I met Taylor at Chapters (Books) and we started to brainstorm ideas and we are all interested in plants, house plants and horticulture. We have been involved with farmers in Portland and being involved with a lot of flower and plant distributors we thought this would be a good idea."

The new retail store, located adjacent to Blue Trout Gallery on South College Street, began building the store around five months ago.

"We've been doing start up work and started taking client work," said Ella Kaye. "Soon we are starting a Kickstarter project and that will be up in about a week or so."

When completed, the store will have an assortment of foliage, succulents, cacti and other variations of flora and indoor trees. It will serve two purposes: a retail area will be in the front where customers can browse plant varieties; a studio work space will be in the back to prepare arrangements for clients.

"We will serve as a floral design studio in the back for brides and other services," said Ella Kaye. "Basically, we will have anything that you can sustain within your home. There will be tropical variety and a bunch of easy care varieties as well. We will have really large amount of inventory in there and the store will be kind of like an urban jungle, just full of plants."

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