The vacated parcel on School Street will become a city parking lot, primarily for library staff

SUSAN BRANNON - Contractors made quick work of demolishing a home on School Street last week adjacent to the Newberg Public Library. The space will become a city parking lot.

A house on North School Street was demolished on May 1 to pave the way for a new parking lot for the Newberg Public Library. The library purchased the foreclosed home about five years ago with a vision for a future parking lot.

"The plan is that we will work on development into both parking spaces for library staff as well as the cultural center events and we need have a better place for our big truck that comes every day with deliveries from all the libraries," library director Leah Griffith said. "We really need to get that (the truck) out from stopping in front of the library. It blocks cars, it blocks parking and at least once a year someone backs into it. We'd like to eliminate that. One of the goals is to have the truck use the new parking lot."

Griffith said the blue house was not in good shape, nor was it livable, and it housed a Volkswagen in a downstairs garage. A child's rocking horse was discovered upstairs and there were other surprises typical of what one might find in an abandoned home.

The demolition has been a long time coming as part of the vision for the library, but funding issues and the rising cost to remove a large home caused that vision to be put on hold for a while.

"We had an opportunity … to take it down. It was a lost less than what we were quoted in years past, so we took advantage of that," Griffith said. "That was a big part of it."

The lot will remain vacant until the city can get the funding to construct a parking lot. In the meantime, the staff and the book delivery truck can now make use of the lot.

"We don't have all the plans, because we had the opportunity to get it taken down for a third of what we were told before, we thought that this was our chance," Griffith said.

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