Gun-rights group Good Guys With Guns, hosting public event in opposition to proposed gun control legislation

Gun-rights group Good Guys with Guns (GGWG) will hold a rally at 11 a.m. Saturday at Memorial Park in Newberg to voice opposition to Initiative Petition 43, a measure to ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines in Oregon. PMG  FILE PHOTO - A gun rally slated for Saturday at Memorial Park in Newberg has been set to oppose Initiative Petition 43, which would ban certain types of firearms and high-capacity magazines in Oregon.

According to Newberg resident and group member David Klaus, state Sen. Kim Thatcher (R-Keizer) and state Rep. Bill Post (R-Keizer), whose respective districts include Newberg, are scheduled to speak at the event, which is expected to last about one hour.

"We're a group of concerned citizens who have banded together for the cause of educating others about the importance of the Second Amendment and because we're very concerned about what this bill, if it were to pass, would mean for our Second Amendment rights." Klaus said. "The whole purpose of this is to get the word out that there is a very real threat to the Second Amendment."

Good Guys with Guns (GGWG) is a national organization that features local chapters, including one in Corvallis. It was founded by Oregon resident Kevin Conzo and drew approximately 300 people to a rally in Salem in April, according to an account in the Statesman Journal newspaper.

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