Chase Estep opens marketing business in Newberg, concentrating on building online presences for clients

Chase Estep Marketing is a small business focused on innovative online marketing and owned by its namesake. He started his company with a vision to connect small business with the community through online advertising and marketing using digital technology.SUBMITTED PHOTO - Chase Estep formally started his marketing firm in 2017 and says business has been increasing steadily ever since.

"Living in a small community like this, we are not Portland that does millions of dollars in sales," he said. "My goal in this business is to help those small businesses continue to succeed."

Estep began at Western Oregon University intending to be an elementary school teacher, then decided to go into music production before marketing classes sparked his interest.

He graduated in 2012 with a bachelor's degree in marketing with a minor in entrepreneurship.

Estep formally started his company in July 2017 and has been gaining momentum ever since. The two main online platforms he works on is Facebook and Google, although some businesses are shying away from doing business on Facebook.

"Is Facebook going to go away?" Estep said. "If you want to target a specific audience, Facebook is the way to do it. If you want a more broad audience then Google is the way to do it. With Google, you typically target by keywords. High rated keywords will have a higher cost per click instead of more specific keywords. Keywords are auction based, it is supply and demand."

When Estep first started his business he thought that he was going to simply offer online advertising management, but he soon discovered that small businesses needed to first begin with marketing planning and consulting.

"Sometimes it is as basic as getting a marking plan created and many businesses do not have a marketing plan," he said.

"Sometimes they just throw things at the wall and see what sticks. Sometimes they need someone to say, 'Here is the first thing that you should do. Here is the second thing that you should do and then they can just go down this list. They can have a plan that they can follow."

"What I've found is what a lot of businesses get trapped in is that the experts tell them that they have to do this specific marketing thing because that's what they're selling," Estep said. "They believe them because they're the experts. It turns out that there are six preliminary steps that they were supposed to take before that that they skipped over because they were told this one thing first."

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