Infant through 7-year-old music immersion class is popular with parents at Newberg location

To respond to the increasing local demand for children and their parents to listen and learn to sing, Music Together has enlarged its Newberg location and will soon expand into McMinnville as well.

"I am so proud to offer classes in Newberg and start in McMinnville," said owner Barbara Bagley.

Bagley started Music Together in 2016 in Newberg due to her love for teaching and music. In a few years the word got around and she needed a larger space. Soon she partnered with Chehalem Valley Dance Academy on First Street as a new place to teach classes in Newberg.

The program works with children from birth to 7 years old in a mixed-aged class to encourage child development through music education.

"I love teaching," Bagley said. "I learned a long time ago that when you are a teacher and you love to teach and you are teaching a subject that you love it is glorious. It is perfect and that is exactly where I'm at."

She learned about Music Together when she took her 6-month-old to music classes. From that experience she realized the importance of music education for children and at that point she decided to become certified to teach Music Together.

Bagley, an Ohioan native, grew up in a musical home. She plays the cello and piano, took formal voice coaching and her mother is a professional musician who plays in a symphony.

Bagley and her family moved from Portland to Dundee five years ago. She substitute taught for a little while before forming the local branch of Music Together in 2016.

"They (Music Together) work on the tenet that learning music and music learning supports all learning and that everyone is musical," Bagley said. "Once in a while you will hear someone say, 'Oh, I'm not musical.' But the reality is that it was not nurtured and it is in all of us in the same way that we all learn how to walk and we all learn how to talk and we nurture that. One of the things that Music Together is built around is teaching parents how to encourage this musical side of their child and there is a musical development that follows a certain order, Bagley said."

The program started from research in music education and child development that included disciplines in neuroscience, psychology and early childhood learning theory. The research found that by participating in music at a young age, there are cognitive developmental gains in problem solving skills and verbal fluency; the physical development of the brain in 4-year-olds helped with coordination and there was an improvement on language skills between groups who participated in the program and those who did not.

"We allow them (the children) to experience the musical environment and create a musical environment without a lot of talking and keep it musical," Bagley said. "The music surrounds the children and creates it for 45 minutes a week. We encourage the parents to take it home and create that same environment and allow that immersive experience.

"The class holds a structure, so the children build an understanding of what it is like to be in class and what it means to participate and watch the class and caregivers to see what they are doing."

Bagley first started classes in a church and then at a birthing center in downtown Newberg. Requests started coming in for a class in McMinnville.

"My business is going okay and I did not promote the business last year and considering that I did not promote it, it doubled," she said. "This year just started in McMinnville because of the amount of request for the class."

Bagley has 11 classes scheduled to start on Sept. 24. To register and for more information, visit

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District has an opening on the board

The Newberg Cultural District has an opening on its board of directors. The position represents the neighborhood resident perspective for the cultural district and will be selected at the Oct. 2 board meeting. The position is for two years and the board meets about six to seven times a year on the first Tuesday of the month.

The cultural district is a joint effort of the city of Newberg, Chehalem Park and Recreation District, Newberg Public Library and the Chehalem Cultural Center and brings together Newberg's cultural resources to provide an outdoor venue for events in the community. If interested in serving on the board, contact Robert Soppe at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Leah Griffith at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call her at 503-537-1256.

New director at Impact Training Center

Bryan Marugg is the new director of Impact Training Center and oversees the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and fitness and youth programs. Marugg developed the youth program from the beginning and added a new class of students. He is the owner of Adapt Bodywork, which strives to educate clients on how to care for and maintain their health. He is also the instructor for Functional Anatomy Seminars, which teaches functional range conditioning, and he is a Kinstretch master instructor. For more information, call Marugg at 971-409-7885.

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