Former client takes over operation of the business after founder announces closure

Oregon Massage Clinic has a new owner and a new message.

Tim Wilcox sold the company in August at 901 Brutscher St. Suite 208 to Ron Fennern, owner of several businesses, including a credit card processing company. In purchasing the business, Fennern said he weighed keeping the pain relief massage clinic in the Newberg/Dundee area.GARY ALLEN - Llicensed massage therapists Kayla Upmeyer works out the kinks of a long-time client last week at the Oregon Massage Clinic.

"I've been coming to the massage clinic for around four to five years and it's the only pain relief that I could find," he said. "I had sciatica down (my) back and I couldn't even stand up straight. So, I came here and the relief was immediate and it lasted."

He explained the process by which the business changed hands: "Tim had decided that he was going to move on and close the clinic and I said, 'Well, I'd really like to keep it in the community,' and asked if he was interested in selling it and he was. I bought it on Aug. 3."

The clinic specializes in pain management with each massage tailored to what the client needs to manage and relieve pain. Instead of focusing on the relaxing massages spas tend to do, they treat auto injuries, sport injuries, provide medical and prenatal massages and highlight overall wellness.

The clinic's emphasis is therapeutic massage, working the deep tissue of the body in the fashion used in hospitals. Although the session may be relaxing, the technique is more designed to provide pain relief and treat chronic health issues through overall wellness. Masseuses work on conditions like chronic body aches, postural imbalances, sports injuries and weight issues.

"For overall wellness, I have a little saying," massage therapist Lowell Welch said. "(A) balanced body calms the mind. For example, if the body is balanced out and if you have a sciatic problem with the pain going down the right leg, well, if you don't work the gluts out and you work the back out and you work on both sides and get everything balanced out, then everything starts to feel better. I know that it sounds easy, but that's how it works."

Fennern recalls just how bad his pain was before going to the clinic and remarks how much better he feels now. That factored into his decision to ensure the clinic would remain in the area.

"I had it so bad that the muscles were attached to the spine," Fennern said. "The muscles had to be pried off of the spine so I could stand up straight. … I have to admit that it was painful, but the next day my pain was gone. If you want a relaxing massage, that's one thing, but if you want the pain to go away, you have to put something into it and the therapists have to put a lot into it too."

Two of the therapists remained at the clinic after the sale and Fennern hired two more. Kayla Upmeyer is the therapist that helped to relieve Fennern's pain and has five years of experience. The staff's experience ranges from two to eight years of experience.

"We have a client base of over 2,000 people that we treat here and we have about 150 to 200 local residents that come at least once a month," Fennern said.

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