Residents will be presented with updates and changes to the code for the Riverside District Master Plan on Dec. 19

The city of Dundee will host the first public hearing on the Riverside District Code project at 7 p.m. Dec. 19 in City Hall.

This plan is similar to the one presented to members of the public earlier in September during a planning commission meeting. A staff memo to the commission reports there are minor changes to the plan. These changes involve zoning regulations, such as adding descriptions of the new riverside zoning districts, modifying existing use, development and design standards; changes to special use standards, including modifying existing special use standards to apply to the riverside zones; changes to overlay zones and updating definitions and clarifying terms.

"Please note that this version of the proposed code is very similar to the draft presented to you by the consultant at the September 19, 2018 Planning Commission meeting," the staff memo stated. "Minor changes have been made, which are outlined in the October 2, 2018 memo from Matt Hastie with Angelo Planning Group."

The riverside area is about 360 acres, which is almost as large as the city itself and can accommodate almost as many homes in the area as are currently located in the city, according to the city's website.

The city completed the Riverside District Master Plan in 2011, which calls for a new code specific to the area and to address the future of the district. The project aims to create the regulations and zones to implement the riverside plan, and includes design standards, park requirements and sets an application review procedures for future development proposals, according to the city's website.

The plan would call for a mix of residential, commercial, tourism and open space and recreational uses to be spread out over the district's seven sub-areas. Parks and open space are a key component, as are streets and pathways for cars, bikes, and pedestrians.

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