Angelica Marie Hutcheson arrested after posting a provocative Craigslist ad under another woman's name

A Newberg woman was arrested in October on charges she posted a graphic Craigslist ad seeking male companionship for another woman without her knowledge or approval.

Angelica Marie Hutcheson, 25, was arrested Oct. 7 by Carlton police on identity theft and stalking charges. According to a probable cause affidavit filed in October by Carlton police officer Jacob Blair, the alleged victim, whose identity was redacted in the document, said she had discovered that someone had created the Craiglist post posing as her. The post listed her name, address and provided a link to her Facebook page.

"Whomever created the post posing as (the) victim titled the post 'Single mom looking for man or men to rock my world,' and in the post stated the (victim's first name) was extremely sexually experienced and looking for men to 'come get down and dirty at my home' and that she was 'open to anything and everything as long as it results in a happy end,'" Blair wrote in the probable cause affidavit.

The victim told Blair that prior to flagging the post and having Craigslist administrators remove it, "she was contacted by numerous men via Facebook messenger asking about the post, and one many even messaged (the victim) stating he was outside of her home."

At that point, Blair subpoenaed records from Craigslist that allegedly revealed that Hutcheson had created the posts; the records also provided police with her IP address and phone number. Blair contacted Hutcheson's Internet service provider, CenturyLink, and its Law Enforcement Support Team, who determined that the IP address from which Hutcheson submitted the Craigslist ad on Jan. 5, 2018, actually belonged to a woman who lives on Kinney Road near Carlton. After traveling to the home near Carlton and interviewing the victim, Blair determined that the home belonged to a man Hutcheson lived with and whom the victim was formerly acquainted with.

On Oct. 5, Hutcheson voluntarily surrendered to Carlton police and "admitted she had created the Craigslist post regarding the (victim) and described the post as "Something about wanting to sleep with guys," the affidavit states. Hutcheson admitted making the post using her cell phone and "that she did not think men would actually come to (the victim's) house."

Hutcheson was freed on conditional release last week and will return to court Jan. 10 for a hearing and to possibly submit a plea.

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