The new playground includes a variety of structures, some designed for ADA accessibility

GARY ALLEN - A new playground opened Nov. 17 at Babe Nicklous Pool Park, featuring tall play structures and ADA amenities.

A new playground opened the weekend of Nov. 17 at Babe Nicklous Pool Park, adjacent to the Chehalem Aquatic & Fitness Center in Newberg, in an eagerly anticipated project by the Chehalem

Park & Recreation District.

The project cost was $170,189, according to CPRD. The funding included $40,189 from Oregon Parks & Recreation, $40,000 each from the Early Bird and Noon Rotary clubs for a total of $80,000, and the remaining $50,000 from the park district.

Jim McMaster, CPRD parks and facilities supervisor, said he was excited to finish putting together the playground, an effort that included CPRD staff members, Rotarians and other volunteers.

"The playground that was originally on the property was taken down due to the expansion of the new aquatic center," he said. "We couldn't leave it in the same location, so we had to build a new one. I looked at our financial situation and we got some assistance to build


The district put together a committee of Rotarians and other communitymembers to design the playground before picking a company to craft the equipment.

With the help of Yamhill County Corrections, CPRD staff excavated the site and set up the structures.

Volunteers and Rotarians helped put in the bark chip

playing surface.

"When you build a playground, it can sometimes be hard to use v o l u n t e e r s due to the physical demands of

building the park, so we often use our staff," Mc-

Master said. "When it came to putting in the chips, we used Rotarians, park staff and other volunteers -- probably around 50 to 60 people."

The local Rotary clubs and citizens advocated for the

playground as a replacement for the one that was torn

down to make room for the new aquatic center. McMaster

said CPRD promised to build a new one and delivered

on its promise with this playground.

Once the hard work was over, volunteers posed for photos with one of the structures and left it behind for the community to enjoy. The playground has features that aren't present in all parks in the district.

"Every one of our playgrounds that we build, we try

to make it different," McMaster said. "This one is a little

taller than we've had in the past and we've included a lot

of ADA-approved structures for those with disabilities who want to use them. "It's exciting, and I really like this one."

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