The project is expected to wrap up in February, at which point contractors will make repairs to apparatus bay flooring inside

GARY ALLEN - Crews are making progressing on repairing the roof of the Dundee fire station.

The Dundee Fire Department is making progress on the installation of its new station roof and other improvements.

The city settled last summer with the contractor who built the roof after the city claimed the structure caused several moisture problems. The structure was built by Baldwin General Contracting and the settlement ultimately agreed on topped $980,000.

Dundee Fire Chief John Stock said the roof repairs were progressing and contractors were still expecting to finish up in February. He said the high roof over the apparatus bay has been repaired and reroofed, and a crew was finishing off metal flashing last week. Now they are working on the lower section, which is over the office spaces, kitchen, living room and bunk area.

"They're really doing well on it," he said.

The city is using the settlement money to do the necessary repairs, based on a quote from Porter Construction, a contractor specializing in building envelope remediation. To complete the repairs as soon as possible, the city awarded the roof repair contract to Porter Construction. The number of available, qualified and experienced bidders for the project was limited and so was the city's funds to plan, design and construct it.

All told, the total estimated cost of the project is $924,904. That will leave the city with a settlement amount of $55,096. Those funds will be used as contingency for unanticipated costs that may exceed the estimate for the repair. Work on the roof started in early September and is expected to be substantially completed by February.

Porter Construction was paid nearly $806,000; Construction Defect Consulting was paid more than $88,000 and Omundson Construction Company was paid $31,000.

The roof was not the only problem area discovered at the fire station. An issue with the concrete slab floor, which was impacted by a torrential rain when the construction company was midway through its original pour, had also been identified, but won't be addressed until after roof repairs are completed.

The floor defects were a result of a significant rain event that occurred when the contractors were pouring the cement slab, and they were unable to protect the slab, which lead to deterioration. The improved flooring was expected to be significantly stronger and more durable.

Since the flooring defects were not structural, there was some expectation that those improvements could begin even before the roof repairs were finished. Stock said this project should take about a week, and will occur after the roof project is finished.

"There is some work on the underside of the roof that needs to be done that requires the contractors to be inside," he said. "We'll wait until it's completely done and then we'll do the floor project."

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