Council discusses the results early in December as CPRD works on a defined plan

GRAPHIC FILE PHOTO - Dundee residents weighed in on the future of the Sander Estate via a survey distributed by the city and CPRD.

In October, the city of Dundee sent out a survey to residents about the future of the Sander Estate, asking for opinions on what to do with the 6.7-acre property off of Fifth Street. The results of that survey were shared with residents at a public meeting Dec. 5, providing an opportunity for further public input as Chehalem Park & Recreation District mulls its next move.

"We've been waiting for those survey results pretty eagerly," CPRD Public Information Director Kat Ricker said. "The park advisory committee meets every couple months, so there's been a pause. They conducted that survey in October and now things are going to start moving again."

Among the most popular potential developments on the property is an all-abilities children's playground, which 52 percent of the 162 respondents "strongly support." About 75 percent of respondents strongly support a perimeter trail, while 56 percent say the same for a nature play area for children.

Other highlights of the survey include 58 percent strong support for an outdoor meeting space and 54 percent for adult education/fitness classes as a potential revenue stream. Bike courses, disc golf and tennis courts were relatively unpopular among respondents, as was the proposal for an off-leash dog park.

The city of Dundee formulated the questions and proposals in the survey based on a public meeting in April. Once October came around, CPRD's advisory committee received and discussed the results before attending the December meeting in the council chambers.

The next step, according to Ricker, will be for the committee to huddle and decide what is feasible for the property, along with what is cost effective, and present its findings to the council before moving forward. A timeline is not yet set on that front, but Ricker said the process is moving faster than before.

At the Dec. 5 meeting, council members discussed the possibility of the park being split up into multiple projects, given its size, and discussed in detail the results of the survey. Other CPRD properties and various parks in the Dundee area were discussed, including Dundee Billick Park and Viewmont Greenway Park.

Ricker said the survey on the Sander property was a good way to hear from Dundee residents – and the committee hopes to hear more as it decides what the future of the property looks like.

"In the first public meeting last April, folks just threw everything on the table and this survey narrowed that a bit," she said. "It was great to get their perspectives."

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