Newberg police say the man's mental health issue will not result in further charges against him

Police say no further action will be taken in regard to the naked man founding walking on Highway 99W last week.

The 33-year-old man, who police did not name, was reported walking north on the highway near Providence Drive on Dec. 30 just before 10 a.m. Police received several calls about the man, and the issue was posted on the public Facebook group "Newberg-Dundee Citizens Info Group." The post received several further comments and the Facebook page YamCo Watch, which reports police and fire scanner reports for Yamhill County, said the man could have potentially fled from Providence Newberg Medical Center.

According to a press release from the Newberg-Dundee Police Department, the man is from Salem and was in a mental crisis. He apparently had walked away from his car after driving from Salem to Newberg, and was brought to the Providence Newberg Medical Center on a non-criminal mental old.

NDPD Public Information Officer Brian Hagen said the man was not someone local had dealt with in the past. They are not releasing the man's name, as it was a mental health issue and did not appear to be an intentional act. Hagen said the man was cooperative with police. He said no further charges will be issued.

"There was simply a lot of passersby who were alarmed by the male walking completely naked on Highway 99, especially in December," Hagen said.

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