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City officials have questions on some details of the proposed building during a recent design review meeting

Newberg city officials have done a "completeness review" of an application for a new medical facility in town, but need some additional information from the applicant before moving forward.

George Fox University is planning to launch a new physician assistant medicine program in the coming years, and as part of it, has proposed constructing a building to suit the needs of the new program. The program wouldn't be ready until January 2021, as it takes several years to get a program of this size off the ground.

Community Development Director Doug Rux said GFU had submitted the project for design review in May. He said after staff completeness review, staff had additional questions, which they returned to the applicant.

"They are going to make a few modifications and resubmit their stuff," Rux said.

He said there is not timeline in place for GFU to return to the city, but said he imagined they would get to it "ASAP."

Rux said as of now, the city wasn't offering thoughts on the quality or merits of the project, and were only in the design review stage.

"We're not at that stage of review, we're only looking at if they gave us all the correct materials," Rux said. "We have a whole checklist of materials they have to give us. We're not reviewing details yet."

Rux said once the stage is complete, the application would become available on the city's website.

The project is being spearheaded by Dr. Gregory Davenport, who was brought on to build the program after successfully building two other programs. He previously said the model is similar to the medical program at Wake Forest University, which is based more on developing a thought process rather than just remembering information. This model, which will be between six and nine students to one faculty member, teaches the students to manage problems and work through a process like they would see in a clinic room with a patient.

Davenport had previously said it's not uncommon for a program like this to have construct a new building to accommodate the students.

The PA program is a lengthy one, as it will require 136 semester hours of instruction (master's degrees typically require 30 to 36 semester hours). According to the school's website, it will be a three-year program where students will come out with a doctor of medical science degree. Unlike medical school, though, students who graduate this program do not go through a residency afterwards.

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