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Enchanted Farm Sanctuary owner Robin Birdsong is offering a cash reward for the animal's safe return

SUBMITTED PHOTO - The Yamhill County Sheriff's Office says a rare black swan  named Belladonna Winterspell was taken around 2 a.m. June 16 from the Enchanted Farm Sanctuary in Newberg.

By KOIN News

The owner of the Enchanted Farm Sanctuary in Newberg is heartbroken after someone stole her black swan – Belladonna Winterspell – last week.

The Yamhill County Sheriff's Office said the animal was taken around 2 a.m. June 16. At about that time, owner Robin Birdsong said she heard her animals starting to make a lot of noise, including Belladonna.

Birdsong ran outside and witnessed a silver four-door sedan peel out of the driveway. She then went to the gate, but only found some of the swan's feathers.

"It took me a minute to realize that she was gone and I think I was in a little bit of shock and denial," she said.

Birdsong said it wasn't until Belladonna was stolen that she learned there was a market for black swans. The birds are worth up to $2,000, so Birdsong thinks someone stole the swan for monetary gain.SUBMITTED PHOTO - Enchanged Farm Sanctuary owner Robin Birdsong reported her prize black swan stolen last week to the Yamhill County Sheriff's Office.

"This was her forever home because I had a perfect pond set up for her and that's where she always is," she said.

The owner of the animal sanctuary said she just wants Belladonna back home safe and is offering a cash reward, which is why she created a GoFundMe page at

"Please bring her home," Birdsong pleaded.

The swan has been living at Enchanted Farm for the past six months after she was rescued in Washington and brought to Newberg, Birdsong said.

"We're kind of the island of misfit rescues," she added.

Enchanted Farm Sanctuary is home to a number of rescued animals and was started by Birdsong in 2009 after the sudden death of her infant son. A video highlighting the relationship she has with one of the donkeys in her sanctuary went viral and has more than 35 million views on Facebook, in larger part due to the similarities that she and the animal share having lost an offspring.

The Instagram and Facebook pages for Enchanted Farm chronicle the adventures of the various animals on the Newberg property. Among them are pigs, horses, chickens and more – and all are under Birdsong's supervision.

Any information on Belladonna's whereabouts can be directed to Birdsong via Facebook message or to the Yamhill County Sheriff's Office.

Updates to the search will be posted on the Facebook and GoFundMe pages as well as on Instagram.

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