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Residents have a lot to say about candidates in the upcoming May 19 primary election

Boyer will serve Yamhill County residents well

Barbara Boyer is the most qualified candidate for our next Yamhill County commissioner. She is a moderate conservative, whom I believe represents all of our citizens.

We need the experienced leadership that Barbara Boyer has. She has been the chairwoman of the Yamhill Soil and Water Conservation District for over 10 years. She has successfully built value-added partnerships at the state level while serving on state boards. She has a proven track record of finding solutions and solving problems, instead of spewing anti-government rhetoric like her opponent.

Barbara is pro-public education, favors property rights and supports the Second Amendment rights of citizens.

As a former United States Marine, I want someone like Barbara who also has veterans in her family, so that veterans' services are a priority.

The Boyers have been landowners in Yamhill County for decades, so Barbara understands the issues that face property owners, farmers and the logging industry.

Unlike her opponent, Barbara has paid property taxes in Yamhill County for decades. She values the service of our county's public employees. Instead of criticizing them, as her opponent does, she knows they are the first line of service to our citizens.

Please join me, vote for Barbara Boyer.

Murray Paolo, McMinnville

Berschauer will continue board's effective management

I am supporting Lindsay Berschauer for Yamhill County commissioner for some very important reasons. Yamhill County is facing an unprecedented economic and budgetary crisis in the wake of the COVID-19 virus. During my term as county commissioner from 2003 to 2014, the county weathered a number of budgeting challenges, including the PERS shortfall and the economic downturn of 2008-09. Our county has always operated within its means and past Boards of Commissioners have been fiscally conservative, maintained reserves and made every effort to reduce excessive administration or management. That's why, while other counties were left struggling to maintain even basic services, Yamhill County was able to get through the unexpected shortfalls without cutting critical services to citizens. It is imperative we choose a commissioner with the experience and ability to lead the county through the tough times ahead, prioritizing services to citizens. I am grateful Lindsay Berschauer, a member of the Yamhill County Budget Committee and the YCAP board of directors, has stepped up to join the Board of Commissioners. She is the only commissioner candidate to have the endorsement of the Taxpayer Association of Oregon. I support Ms. Berschauer and encourage voters to elect her as our next commissioner. Kathy George, Newberg

Berschauer best suited to protect county's quality of life

Lindsay Berschauer stands head and shoulders above the other candidates running for Yamhill County Commissioner Position 2.

As our communities navigate these uncertain times, Lindsay is committed to keeping our taxes low, maintaining our property rights and ensuring that the county limits excess spending.

Lindsay wisely opposes the idea of adding two more elected commissioners, recognizing that it will be an unnecessary waste of our tax dollars.

We moved to Yamhill County years ago to leave behind the issues plaguing the Portland Metro area. Lindsay is committed to keeping Metro's policies out of Yamhill County and preserving the way of life that we all value.

Yamhill County needs a small business owner like Lindsay, who will pay attention to budgets, cultivate lean government with a focus on accountability, and ensure proper use of tax funds.

We will be voting for Lindsay Berschauer.

Sophia Mekkers, Newberg

Berschauer will fight for rural Oregonians

Our family spent many months of research finding the perfect place to call home for our business and raising our two children. We settled on Carlton and have never looked back.

As a small business owner living in rural Oregon, we feel the impacts of taxation and legislation that infringes on our rights the most. Last year was a huge shock for our family. Learning that our home in Oregon, our child's school and our business could be taken away by just a handful of votes in Salem haunted our family daily during the 2019 legislative session. Our family was thrown into the world of politics whether we liked it or not and what we saw was shocking.

The party that used to stand up to inequality, preached "my body, my choice" and a quality of education to all was about to pass legislation that would have done exactly opposite to that. One thing that gave our family relief was seeing our fellow Carlton neighbor, Lindsay Berschauer, fighting alongside us to protect our businesses, our farmers, our truckers, heavy taxation and fees against senior citizens.

We are proud Oregonians and will absolutely be voting for Yamhill County commissioner candidate Lindsay Berschauer. She fought for us and all families in our county. Atlanta Napier, Carlton

Support federal act protecting Alzheimer's sufferers

Having lost my grandfather and my husband's grandmother to Alzheimer's disease, I've seen firsthand the devastating impact this disease has on families across America. As the number of people living with dementia rises, so too will their interactions with health care, social services and criminal justice services professionals. Unfortunately, those professionals currently receive little or no training in the unique needs of individuals living with dementia. Dementia-specific training materials for these professionals will improve the quality of their interactions with individuals living with Alzheimer's and other dementias, and will also help protect them from elder abuse. The Alzheimer's Impact Movement and the Alzheimer's Association strongly supports the bipartisan Promoting Alzheimer's Awareness to Prevent Elder Abuse Act, which is led by Rep. Suzanne Bonamici. This legislation would require the Department of Justice to develop training materials to assist law enforcement officers, prosecutors, judges, medical personnel, victims services personnel and others who encounter and support individuals living with Alzheimer's and related dementias. By supporting the Promoting Alzheimer's Awareness to Prevent Elder Abuse Act, Rep. Bonamici is making it possible for us to protect people living with Alzheimer's and other dementias from elder abuse.

Please join me in thanking the congresswoman for her leadership to protect all American's living with Alzheimer's and other dementias. Learn more at HYPERLINK ""

Kendall Ekerson, Newberg

Make the right choice: Don't drink and drive

Christmas Eve 2018 will forever remain a tragic and most devastating reminder that one DUII is one too many. My daughter and I were driving to Amity from Newberg to drop off Christmas presents to my son. When getting to the Dayton exit off of Highway 18, another driver, a mother who I later learned had two little babies in her car and an alcohol level three times over the legal limit, came toward my car, hitting the driver's side. My car was rammed causing us to flip several times before landing.

When we both came to, we realized we had been in a very serious car accident. Luckily a lady ,"Our Angel" (who was right behind my car) used to be an EMT and was able to know what to check for on my daughter and pulled her out of the windshield while I waited in unbearable pain until the first responders got there to work hard and fast with the "jaws of life" to get my crushed body out of my car as my daughter kept hearing my screams of pain. I was rushed to the hospital where I spent three weeks undergoing nine-plus surgeries and still have another possible surgery left to do. It's been one-and-a-half years since the accident and I am still not working, with bills of over $300,000 and insurance only covering a quarter of that, basically leaving me in forever debt. People who get a DUII generally have been driving drunk and not caught for a long time. Drunk driving is a choice and choices that can have disastrous repercussions to your life and the lives of others. Make the right choice and drive safely on the roads and don't be complacent with people who say, "I got a DUII once." It is just one too many.

Natasha Carnaghie, Newberg

Boyer has the right background to be commissioner

We need to vote now, in May, for a new county commissioner. If one of the candidates receives 50-plus one vote in May, that person wins and there's no November election.

Barbara Boyer is my candidate. She has strong roots in Yamhill County. Her knowledge of, and dedication to, resource lands is outstanding. Together with her husband Tom, Boyer farms a century farm near Amity. She started the McMinnville Farmers Market and managed it for several years. She chairs the County Soil and Water Conservation District and serves on several state-wide boards, including the Board of Agriculture and Watershed Enhancement Board. Boyer understands how government works and how to leverage state and federal programs to benefit us locally. She is determined to manage the county's inevitable growth for the benefit of all county residents. She supports a strong voice in county decision-making for all residents and communities. Her opponent, as I understand it, is a political consultant who has doled out money to causes and candidates in Salem, Portland metro and Clackamas County. She has nothing like Boyer's track record in Yamhill County, leadership experience or resource lands commitment. Barbara Boyer is passionate about our county. She has my vote.

Susan Watkins, McMinnville

Berschauer 'the voice of reason' the county needs

I have lived in Oregon for the past 20 years. Truthfully, I didn't pay too much attention to politics until last year, aside from presidential elections.  Last year, there were several very concerning bills introduced in the Legislature that I actively rallied against at the Capitol. That experience was extremely eye-opening and proved to me that I needed to pay more attention to what was going on in the political world before my rights were signed away.  When I read about our Yamhill County commissioner candidate Lindsay Berschauer it was like a breath of fresh air: a candidate who values and respects our constitutional rights. As I began actively following her campaign, I was shocked to see the vicious attacks against her on social media by several of Barbra Boyer's supporters, including Yamhill County treasurer candidate Kris Bledsoe. Then I saw reports of numerous Berschauer signs that had been damaged and stolen. I am in shock over the amount of hatred being displayed against her.  Please, let's set aside the hatred, negativity and reckless destruction and talk calmly about the issues our county faces.  With facts and voices of reason, I am confident we can do what is best for our county.  I am proud to support Yamhill County commissioner candidate Lindsay Berschauer because I believe she is the voice of reason we so desperately need to represent our county.

Melissa Cochran, McMinnville

Boyer best candidate for commissioner

I'm writing to encourage friends and neighbors to join me in supporting Barbara Boyer for Yamhill County commissioner.

As a former city dweller turned small business owner and farmer in the West Valley, I hope to offer a unique perspective I first met Barbara at the farmer's market in McMinnville many years ago as she supported small farms and artisans like myself. Since then, I've had interactions with her, from hay to her work in agriculture policy and the SWCD, and have found her to be level headed in her decision making. She has worked tirelessly for years to improve the economic realities of many small farmers in our communities. I admire Barbara's ability to work with all types of people and listen to all sides of an issue and make informed decisions. She values our rural economies and I feel she will make wise decisions that benefit all people of the county: our farmers, our timber growers and our city dwellers. As an independent thinker she has the ability to bring our communities together, not pushing us further apart with partisan politics. As a long-time resident and farmer herself, Barbara has walked the walk and not just talked the talk.

Kim Hamblin, Sheridan

Vote Swartzendruber for State Senate

In this time of deep partisan divide, I am hoping there are voters who will agree with me that we need leaders who want healing and favor dialogue and compromise.

Recently, we experienced many of our representatives and senators walking out of the Capitol, unwilling to negotiate. Sadly, State Sen. Brian Boquist was one of them.

Ross Swartzendruber is committed to change this. I have worked with Ross for a number of years and personally know his passion and dedication for service. Ross and I are a part of the Oregon Public Education Network, trying to bring positive changes to our schools — alternatives that will benefit our students and teachers and strengthen the public school system.

Ross has spent endless hours going to the state Capitol to visit with leaders like Sen. Boquist in an effort to convince them of better ways for our students to succeed rather than the stress that comes from our current testing system.

Ross attends legislative sessions and other important meetings to speak for these constructive, optimistic solutions. As a father of public school children, he experiences firsthand the challenges that our children are facing.

And not only education, Ross advocates for our climate crisis the homeless, and health care for everyone.

I cannot think of a more devoted and steadfast individual to serve Oregon's Senate District 12.

Liz Marlia-Stein, McMinnville

Ensure Sanders' ideals become a reality

Bernie Sanders will never be our president. But if he can only win enough delegates from the remaining states that still need to vote, his popular vision for America may still have a chance.

Many Democrats are saying that it is essential for us to all unify behind Joe Biden, but until every voice is heard and every person counted and valued, we will never have unity. To cut Bernie from the ballots like New York has done only causes further discord and disrespect.

The Democratic Party used to be "the Party of the People." But with many Americans living without health care, without a livable wage, with student debt out of control and a planet in crisis, too many people have been left behind.

There is still time to ensure that Bernie Sander's ideals become a reality. Please join me in voting for Bernie in the Oregon primary. It is the only way for the National Democratic leadership to realize the need for our country to adopt Bernie's wholesome vision for America.

Evelyn LaMotte, McMinnville

Boyer has track record of leadership

By now, most of you have received the voter's pamphlet and are making voting decisions on issues and candidates.

In the Yamhill County commissioner race, I would urge you to read Barbara Boyer's page of information. However, keep in mind it is understated.

As a fellow director of the Yamhill Soil and Water Conservation District, I have had the privilege of serving with and under Barbara's leadership for a long time. Those of us on the board quickly recognized Barbara's skills, energy and abilities to further achieve the district's goals and elected her as chairwoman. Barbara is a person who hears all voices, finds a path to achieve goals and is a consensus builder. She is passionate about serving and leaves no stone unturned in finding answers and solutions. In addition, she is personable and quickly establishes a rapport with people. Barbara knows the county's resources, the people, the opportunities and challenges. She has the ability, the energy, the knowledge, the skills and the desire to make an outstanding county commissioner.

Please join me and many others in voting for Barbara Boyer as county commissioner. Sam Sweeney, Dayton

Support American Cancer Society's effort

Every American faces uncertain and challenging times with our new normal. For the Oregonians diagnosed with cancer this year, the stakes are even higher. Cancer patients, their families and their caregivers need to know we're still here for them — that the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network and its volunteers haven't stopped advocating for critical research funds and access to health care.

That's why I'm proud to have a visible way to raise awareness for cancer. Every year, American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network volunteers like myself travel to Washington, D.C., to speak with Congress about how we can eliminate cancer. We bring thousands of Lights of Hope bags to display around the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool. They're decorated and adorned with the names of cancer survivors and those lost to this horrible disease, like my dad, Sonny Kallunki. This year, I will take another bag for dad, plus one in support of my mom Sally. Things change rapidly as we grapple with coronavirus, but one thing is certain: American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network won't let Congress forget about cancer patients and our mission to see a world without cancer. If anyone would like to get a Lights of Hope bag for someone they love, or if you have any questions, please email me at HYPERLINK "mailto:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The bags may also be ordered on my CAN Raiser page Thanks in advance for your support. Missie Kallunki, Sheridan

The ballots are here — let's vote!

We appreciate the voters' pamphlet we received for the May Election and the ability it gives us to compare candidates. Thank you Yamhill County Clerk Brian Van Bergen. The Yamhill County commissioner race gives us the choice of remaining fiscally conservative or becoming more progressive like the Portland area. We will vote for Lindsay Berschauer due to her positions on taxation, property rights and public safety. The Yamhill County treasurer is a technical, non-political, part-time position and should be part of the county accounting function. Since it is now elective, Paulette Alexandria seems the most solid candidate. We appreciate her extensive background and her attitude toward investing to best preserve principle. The Secretary of State race will be best served by electing Kim Thatcher. In the past we really appreciated Dennis Richardson. Kim will carry on and improve his approach to openness, effectiveness and efficiency in that office. We certainly need the system of checks and balances in place. The ballots are coming, let's vote! Dennis & Ruth Goecks, McMInnville

City of Newberg gets it wrong on program

The credits given on water billings by the city of Newberg for purchases made at locally-owned merchants seems, at first glance, to be a nice benefit for water bill recipients as well as a move to encourage shopping with local merchants during this time of Covid-19 restrictions. Up to $75 off of one's water bill is a great perk for homeowners during this time that many are going through a period of financial stress.

Oops! Did somebody forgot about all of the renters who pay for their water usage through landlords or property management companies? As a renter, one wonders if this omission was intentional or just an oversight. Renters are suffering just the same as other Newberg residents. They not only pay for their water usage, but also shop in Newberg.

Property taxes paid indirectly through rent and, if working, income taxes also burden renters. An explanation from the city of Newberg for this unfair treatment of most renters would certainly be insightful.

On a more positive note, renters did get pleasure from shopping local and being able to share receipts with their more privileged homeowner friends.

Perhaps in the future, the city of Newberg will be more fair and equitable when giving out perks such as water bill credits intended to stimulate the local economy.

Jonni Eggiman, Newberg

Candidate displays confusing policy positions

I was fortunate to have an opportunity to listen to the recording of the Yamhill County Commissioner Virtual Candidate Forum from April 27.

I found Lindsay Berschauer's explanations regarding urban growth boundaries (UGBs) and system development charges (SDCs) to be tortured logic at best. As I understand her, she's against more dense development within UGBs because New York City suffered horribly from COVID-19 due to high population density. Therefore we need to expand UGBs so that we can have additional "affordable" housing with reduced density, but "without urban sprawl."

But we need to eliminate (or greatly reduce) SDCs because those are "taxes" that increase the cost of affordable housing. So we end up with additional single family homes, intruding into currently protected rural land, without the funds to provide necessary infrastructure (i.e. roads, sewers and other utilities).

What could be the motivation behind such circuitous reasoning?

Ian McDonough, Newberg

Boyer a doer, not a politician

I am writing in support of Barbara Boyer based upon her accomplishments in Yamhill County.

I worked with her when she managed the McMinnville Farmer's Market, which she co-founded. I have been involved with the Yamhill County Soil and Water Conservation District staff and Barbara.

She has shown herself to be a doer not a politician. You would have to talk to people who have worked with her to understand and know Barbara Boyer; the voter's pamphlet does not do justice to the importance she has given to both organizations.

Her constituency is diverse, representing a broad brush of Yamhill County citizens. My experience is that she listens, she asks questions, she is thorough in gathering her information and that her view can be changed, give new and compelling information.

The position of Yamhill County commissioner is nonpartisan and nonpartisan, no preconceived agenda, is what you get with Barbara Boyer. Wayne Wiebke, McMinnville

Boyer has characteristics to be a good commissioner

I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Barbara Boyer almost 10 years ago as we prepared for a mission trip to build homes in Guatamala. Her commitment to helping the struggling families there was beyond admirable. Barbara was not only compassionate, patient and an enthusiastic and hard worker, she was fun and fascinating and made the experience more enjoyable for us all.

It is these characteristics that I believe are important for any leader to possess and Barbara is one who will be approachable and genuinely care about each of our concerns. I know that she will value us all and work hard to ensure that every voice is heard as the best possible solution is reached.

Yamhill County will greatly benefit from Barbara Boyer's expertise and sincere qualities.

Ben Stein, McMinnville

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