Our readers share their thoughts on the topics of the day with elections fast approaching

To the Editor:

Kris Bledsoe has been endorsed by current Yamhill County Treasurer Mike Green and by one of the current members of the Yamhill County Investment Advisory Committee, Kathy Tri, retired City of Newberg City Finance Director. Both have worked with Kris' opponent in the past. Her opponent served one term on the board and was asked to leave the board because of disruptive rude behavior and lack of understanding of the overall investment philosophy. One member of the board said that she was "all hat and no cattle."

When choosing to fill an important position like County Treasurer it is important to look at qualifications. Kris' experience is directly related to the duties of the treasurer. Then you need to look at who supports them. Kris is endorsed by two current County Commissioners, the County Treasurer, a member of the Investment Advisory Board and a well-known conservative community leader, Murray Paolo. She is not endorsed by partisan PACs.

Follow my lead, vote for experience and integrity. Vote for Kris Bledsoe to be our next Yamhill County Treasurer.

Sally Dallas


To the Editor:

This is to encourage you to vote for Kris Bledsoe for County Treasurer. Voting for the County Treasurer is very much like hiring a financial planner. The treasurer takes care of and invests your money, that is, the county's cash. It takes a special kind of person to do this well. They need a firm grasp of finance and an excellent understanding of financial markets. If the treasurer is too conservative, there is little to no return on the investments. If too aggressive, a large percentage of the funds will be lost in poor investments. This is a big deal for both you and the county. Kris is uniquely qualified for this position. She is a Certified Government Investment Professional. She understands Federal Reserve policies. And has years of experience working financial markets. In short, she really knows what she is doing. If you want to keep the county's money safe and growing, then you should vote for Kris Bledsoe.

Steven Rupp


To the Editor:

Whatever our political leanings, let's all be sure to vote! The Yamhill County Treasurer is a nonpartisan position that requires a skilled financial background to prudently manage and invest county funds. Regardless of party affiliation we should all support Kris Bledsoe!

Government Investment Officers are guardians of taxpayers' money and Kris is a Certified Government Investment Professional with an economics degree, and experience in the banking and investment industries as both a portfolio manager and a bank compliance officer. She is already up to speed because she serves on the Yamhill County Investment Committee.

This is why outgoing County Treasurer Mike Green said in the May Voters' Pamphlet: "By far, Kris Bledsoe is better suited and trained to fill the role as Yamhill's County Treasurer. She understands the policies and the philosophy of public funds investing and will ensure that the policies currently in place will continue to benefit the county."

Unfortunately, there are those who choose to see almost every aspect of government though a partisan lens. Let's keep the County Treasurer position nonpartisan by electing the most, qualified candidate. That candidate is Kris Bledsoe!

Sid Friedman


To the Editor:

Just west of the I-5 corridor in the north Willamette Valley is House District 25. Large cities like Newberg and Keizer [and] the small communities of St. Paul and Butteville, surrounded by farms, nurseries and wineries on some of the best farmland in the state, make up the district and a microcosm of Oregon.

Bill Post has well and faithfully represented the district and Oregon. During my tenure as Mayor of St. Paul, it was a privilege to work with Bill on many city, county and state issues. I found him to be a hardworking public servant, always interested in his district. He cares. No matter the issue, when St. Paul or the French Prairie community needed assistance at the Legislature or dealing with another government agency, Bill was there, willing to advocate hard for his constituents and work toward a successful resolution.

He's earned the respect of other legislators and a reputation as a steady hand. Thanks to Bill's efforts, St. Paul and the French Prairie community obtained badly needed assistance with infrastructure, traffic safety and law enforcement. As our district and Oregon look toward the future, we need Bill's experience at the Legislature. He deserves to be re-elected.

Kim Wallis

St. Paul

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