Svenson has the proven track record to do the job

To the editor:

There is a very important issue before the voters: Who will be our next Yamhill County sheriff?

I have had the privilege of volunteering with all three candidates under Sheriff Jack Crabtree and I can tell you they are all great guys and valuable assets to the sheriff’s office. So it comes down to who has proven they are ready and able to do the job. Svenson has earned a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice. He worked to be promoted to sergeant and now captain. He has experience in patrol, the jail and administrative management of the office.

The others have not proven to me they are ready; Casey is a deputy and Shipley only a sergeant.

It is not about signs or who you know, it is about keeping us all safe and managing our sheriff’s office on a budget.

I am voting for the guy that already has a proven track record and urge all of you to vote Svenson.

Michael Brandt, NewbergMay 14 letters to the editor

Veatch the natural choice to fill George’s shoes

To the editor:

When Brett Veatch first told my family that he was thinking of running for Kathy George’s position as county commissioner, we were saddened that Kathy had termed out, but then absolutely amazed that Brett Veatch was such a natural to seamlessly transition the respected integrity and hard-working traditional values that we appreciated for so many years.

Brett Veatch is a hero to us in his own right. We first met Brett many years ago, while getting a tire repaired at Les Schwab, and talked to him about buying some land in Newberg. As a local farmer, longtime realtor and quality home builder, Brett was very knowledgeable about Yamhill County land use and helped us purchase, partition and then build our dream home. We were so impressed with the quality of our new home, with Brett’s integrity and being so well-organized, that soon many in my family trusted and worked with him on commercial transactions all around Oregon. Brett was consistently diligent, he understood small business.

I started talking to people around Newberg when Brett decided to run for county commissioner, but everyone I talked to already had met Brett: from Boy Scouts with his wife and kids, on city council, at church, from local or state hearings, or from his anonymous acts of kindness around town such as jump-starting someone’s battery at the post office.

It is with great enthusiasm that I recommend Brett Veatch for your consideration to continue the wonderful legacy Kathy George brought to her position as Yamhill County commissioner. We have been so impressed over the years with Brett’s detail-oriented preparation, his ability to remain calm and listen in the middle of complex negotiations, and demonstrate leadership, creativity, intuitiveness and reach effective solutions.

He did an incredible job for us and I know he will for Yamhill County as well. His behind-the-scenes volunteering has made this a great place for so many years. Brett Veatch for Yamhill County commissioner is yet another example of his tremendous willingness to give back and serve this wonderful community we all call home.

Laura Cochran, Newberg

Post a true conservative

To the editor:

I’ve been closely following the Republican primary for House District 25 between Bill Post and Barbara Jensen. Every citizen’s job is to sift through all the rhetoric in every election and choose the best candidate. This can be a very difficult task. The more I looked into both candidates, I feel that Bill Post is someone that I feel we can trust.

Even before Bill had aspirations for political office he was working for the community. He has held politicians’ feet to the fire for five years on his talk show. I know he stands for conservative values, but more importantly, I know he genuinely cares about House District 25.

When you look at Barbara Jensen’s voting record, one has to wonder why she is running. She has voted so infrequently that her voter registration was deemed inactive. Voting is one of the most important duties of a citizen.

I was shocked seeing Barbara Jensen praise Gov. Kitzhaber in a video. She said he has “great vision and reaches into the future.” As a conservative Republican this bothers me knowing his involvement in Cover Oregon. I want a conservative to represent me and I don’t trust Barbara Jensen to do that.

Larry George, Sherwood

Post the best candidate

To the editor:

Our family has been Newberg residents for 30-plus years. We have known Bill Post, candidate for House District 25, since he was born. His father, Ron Post, founder of Medical Teams International, and his wife Jean and family have been close friends.

Bill Post has been following in his father’s footsteps being active in community, church and nonprofit Christian organizations. Those followers of Bill’s conservative radio talk show program know very well how informed he is in local and regional politics. He is an outspoken advocate of traditional marriage, pro-life, the 2nd Amendment rights of citizens and honest, transparent government.

Go to to listen to recordings of his broadcasts and hear for yourself how passionate and outspoken Bill is for responsible government and Biblical values.

He is endorsed by the Oregon Family Council, state Rep. Kim Thatcher and many others. Us too!

Phil Griffin, Newberg

Casey best man for the job

To the editor:

I worked as an Oregon State trooper and retired at the rank of lieutenant with three years of experience. I read Ken Summers’ opinion on the sheriff candidates and I thought I would provide another opinion for the voters to consider.

I’ve followed the sheriff’s race very closely. After reading all the available information on the three candidates and attending the public forums, I am of the opinion that Tim Casey is the best candidate for sheriff.

I have concerns with Tim Svenson’s maturity and what appears to be a lack of initiative to take charge. He comes off as someone who is passive and unsure of himself. However, this is not uncommon for someone who is as young as he is.

Joe Shipley has plenty of experience, but I do not see a skilled sheriff in Joe. Unfortunately, in law enforcement every officer at no fault of their own has limitations. While I am certain that Shipley has been a fine deputy and a good sergeant, I think he has reached his potential.

Out of the three candidates, I see Tim Casey as the best candidate. He has the maturity, life experience, leadership abilities, desire and internal support to be the next the sheriff. I have no doubt after hearing Tim Casey speak on numerous occasions that he would make an excellent sheriff.

Mike Hays, Newberg

Jensen stands out in race for state rep

To the editor:

Rarely is one privileged to publicly endorse a candidate for office who stands out as a fine example of public stewardship. That person is Barbara Jensen, who is running for the office of state representative in House District 25.

I have known Barbara professionally, and personally, for more than 25 years. In the workplace, Barbara’s work involved oversight of highly complex systems. She was always diligent and resourceful, while modeling a strong work ethic.

She has a wealth of knowledge on many issues. She has taken that knowledge and skillfully applied it in many different scenarios.

She rose to the highest levels of management, where she routinely brought people together to solve problems.

Having worked in the Legislature, I know a state representative must be versed on many issues to be effective. I trust that Barbara will meet the challenges of the office with energy, integrity and a can-do attitude. She has a sense of humor; she is gregarious and, above all, she is kind.

If she is elected, her constituents will be impressed with her commitment to the office and in turn, they will be extremely well served.

Sandra Herring, Salem

Business owner endorses Jensen

To the editor:

As the president of a company doing business in Oregon I believe Barbara Jensen is the best candidate for House District 25.

I attended a fundraiser for the World War II Honor Flight organization and Barbara was there working to support their cause. I then watched as she wrote the legislation for Senate Bill 832, designating the second Sunday in August as a day to remember those who participated in the victory that ended World War II. She shepherded her bill through the Senate and the House with bipartisan support and stood behind Gov. Kizhaber as he signed it into law.

She has a natural way of presenting her conservative ideas in a collegial and non-confrontational way that brings all sides to the table to find workable solutions. She has years of experience working in procurement for the state, where she protected our money as if it was her own. I have watched our state waste half a billion dollars in the past few years on useless ventures such as the interstate bridge debacle and the Cover Oregon disaster, both of which could have been avoided with her oversight.

Patrick Leamy, Welches

Veatch has background to serve district well

To the editor:

I have known Brett Veatch since his graduation from Newberg High School more than 20 years ago. It has been my pleasure to watch him mature and grow into a very intelligent, hard-working and committed member of our community.

My experiences with Brett have covered his early real estate days in Newberg, his professional efforts while owning his own construction business , his community interests while serving on the Newberg City Council and his involvement with community volunteerism, including The American Cancer Society, Habitat for Humanity, as a Boy Scout parent leader and much more.

Brett was very helpful in supporting Newberg and me as we crystallized the vision for a new medical center in Newberg. As a city councilor, Brett worked with the community and Providence Health System to make that vision a reality.

Oh, I almost forgot, Brett is also an attentive, loving husband and father. All the above have helped mold my opinion of Brett both professionally and personally.

Therefore, I believe it is the aforementioned types of real life experiences that have shaped Brett into the individual deserving of your vote for Position 1 county commissioner for Yamhill County. My wife and I will certainly vote for Brett Veatch.

Mark Meinert, Newberg

Post has the integrity to be a good legislator

To the editor:

Regarding the upcoming primary for House District 25, I am a Marion County precinct committee person and as such I have had the opportunity to meet the candidates running for office this cycle. As most of us do, I look for two things in a legislator: competency and integrity.

I do confess to having a dog in this fight since I know Bill Post personally, but that gives me better than average insight into his qualifications. I can say without reservation that given Mr. Post’s extensive background in the highly competitive broadcasting industry, his grasp of Oregon politics and the issues that impact all Oregonians, along with numerous other accomplishments, I believe he meets the competency requirements to effectively discharge the office of state representative.

I can also vouch for his integrity, not only as an avid listener of his radio show that was so informative regarding issues of importance to the state and the nation, but also as someone I attend church with. He is my Sunday school teacher and after approximately seven years in his class, I can say candidly that I have every confidence in his integrity.

As for his opponent, Barbara Jensen, I know little, having met her only once at a central committee meeting. I have reservations about Mrs. Jensen based on her extreme lack of voter involvement, apparently lackluster performance in state information and data technologies, and some very questionable campaign strategies that most certainly betray a lack of integrity, or at best extremely poor judgment, neither of which look good on a resume.

Needless to say, I urge House District 25 voters to cast their ballots for Bill Post.

Brad Morrison, Woodburn

Donna Nelson endorses Svenson for sheriff

To the editor:

The vast diversified training and experience of Tim Svenson are the critical differentiating factors in this election for Yamhill County sheriff, as this position is critical to the well-being of every citizen.

For the past five years, Capt. Svenson has had direct, hands-on experience with Sheriff Jack Crabtree in the management of the sheriff’s office. His previous years of moving through the ranks, proving his character, accountability, work ethic, leadership, skills and citizen respect led to this selection.

He is an independent, conservative individual with a seriousness of purpose — our safety!

Svenson is the only candidate with executive certification through the Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards and Training. He has strengths in communication, teamwork, courage and provides direct answers. He supports citizen rights through the state and federal constitutions and the right to life. His concern for families, farmers, businesses and charities has kept him close to the heart of our people.

Please join me in voting for Tim Svenson for sheriff. No other candidate has attained his rank, full credentials, diverse training, proven responsive and responsible experience, nor is endorsed by four sheriffs who know the demands of this office.

Donna Nelson, McMinnville

Jensen will represent House District 25 well

To the editor:

I trust and support Barbara Jensen to represent House District 25.

I’ve known her more than 40 years; she lived in Keizer most of her life and remains active in the community. She supports pro-life, gun rights and traditional marriage, but is an active listener who would represent House District 25 citizens.

I had several opportunities to work with Barbara professionally. I found her to be organized, collaborative, selfless, direct, sincere and accessible. She consistently demonstrates strong work ethics and family values.

Barbara is a stickler for process and accountability, receiving national recognition for programs that exceeded expectations. With her 35 years of IT management experience and diligence to process, I believe tax-funded debacles like Cover Oregon can be avoided.

She worked tirelessly promoting Keep the Spirit of `45 Alive legislation honoring the legacy of World War II men and women.

Imagine, Monica Wehby in the Senate and Barbara Jensen in Oregon’s capitol! The possibility of that dynamic representation was the tipping point for this four-decade Democrat to switch party affiliation. I trust few and endorse fewer, my candidate is Barbara Jensen.

Terry Nicholson, Keizer

Lawrence’s background perfect to be a judge

To the editor:

In the upcoming election for Yamhill County Circuit Court judge we should take special note of candidate J. Mark Lawrence. Mr. Lawrence has been a trial attorney for nearly 25 years and currently runs his own law firm in McMinnville handling criminal defense cases.

In a time when people have less faith in our legal system, Mark Lawrence comes to the table with a unique requirement that I believe makes him an exemplary choice. Having served as both a district attorney and as a defense counsel, he understands both sides of the proceedings and is capable of being able to make fair and balanced judgments according to the law.

In a time when some receive more punishment than their acts require and others are given less than they deserve, it is important to have someone who can see and understand each case on its own merits and can make sound decisions accordingly.

If you live in Yamhill County, I encourage you to get out and vote in the upcoming election and to bring Mr. Lawrence’s values and experience to our courtrooms. For me, that is the clear choice.

Cameron Nigh, Newberg

Primozich really cares about Yamhill County

To the editor:

As part of my job, I routinely interview public officials and political candidates. I have had the privilege to observe firsthand many individuals as they respond to questions about themselves and about their personal thoughts toward important civic issues.

I recently interviewed Stan Primozich, who is a candidate for Yamhill County commissioner, Position 1. It became clear to me very quickly that Stan has the necessary experience and commitment to fill that important and challenging position.

Stan’s responses and statements reflected his deep concern for the livability and future growth of our county and were based on sound business practices and a respect for wise use of funds and resources. His communication style is open and easy to follow and he expressed his desire to be a county commissioner who invites collaboration and cooperation to achieve solutions.

I urge you to join me in voting for Stan Primozich.

Veronica Nufer, Yamhill

Post has skills to do the job in Salem

To the editor:

My parents came out of the Great Depression, where they learned to count every penny and share with neighbors. They passed that on to me and later as an adult, God taught me to love the poor in our world. I did that by founding Northwest Medical Teams, also known as Medical Teams International, in 1979.

Jean and I passed on these same things to our children. One of them is now running for Oregon House of Representatives for House District 25. Bill Post is our son and we are very proud to see him want to serve the people in his district and our state.

Bill worked with me at Northwest Medical Teams years ago and he helped establish the Mobile Dental Van Program. Now they are all over helping people who cannot afford dental work. Bill will bring that organizing skill to House District 25 and our state.

When you vote for Bill, you will be getting someone who knows how to budget and recognize when state government is wasting our tax dollars. You will not get a polished politician. You will get straight and honest answers to questions.

If you have listened to his conservative talk radio program for the past five years, you know I am right. He will bring his faith, his love of people, his integrity, his devotion to the unborn and his family values.

Oregon needs someone like my son, Bill. Give him a chance to show you what I mean by electing Bill Post.

Ron and Jean Post, Dallas

Svenson obviously the best choice for sheriff

To the editor:

This letter is in response to Chief Brian Casey’s April 30 letter to the editor. It is easy to see exactly who Chief Casey is referring to in his letter to the editor. He is, of course, the brother of one of the candidates. He is close to the candidate and has a strong interest in wanting his own family member to succeed in the election for sheriff.

There is no doubt leadership is one part of what makes a candidate a good choice, but I find it hard to believe he truly feels training, experience and education should not be part of the package. This is absolutely ridiculous. I doubt he would be in the position he is currently in if he did not prepare himself in these areas well before applying for his job. Why should we elect someone who hasn’t prepared himself in any way?

In his letter Chief Casey concedes his choice is the least experienced and tries to sell leadership, interpersonal skills and confidence as what he wants in a candidate. Yet nowhere in his letter does Chief Casey explain what these leadership or interpersonal qualities are. He gives no indication that those skills even exist with his brother.

Unfortunately none of the skills listed will aid in critical decision making without knowledge and experience to back it up. The position of sheriff carries responsibility far greater than a mere police chief. It is the highest law enforcement office in the county, responsible for a budget and staff twice the size of Newberg’s. It needs someone who brings a complete package, not just a few of the elements. Why in the world would we want any less, Chief Casey?

On April 23 the editorial board for the Newberg Graphic voiced its opinion on who should be the next Yamhill County sheriff. This was after interviews with each candidate who made their best case for why they should be selected, and the board, who is comprised of six community members and two newspaper staffers. After hearing all the arguments their unbiased selection was clear. They chose Tim Svenson as the best candidate for sheriff. The voters of Yamhill County should do the same.

Sheila Searles, McMinnville

Post the right choice

To the editor:

I am writing this letter to urge the voters in House District 25 to vote for Bill Post in the Republican primary.

I have known Bill for 15 years and know him as a man of strong principles and unquestionable integrity. As a man of faith, Bill acts on his beliefs and doesn’t just use the title of Christian to garner votes. Bill believes in protecting unborn babies, stands for government reform and holding the line on taxes. He will work to protect our constitutional rights. He works well with people and will place the welfare of House District 25 voters ahead of personal interests.

When he says, “I will fight for the values that make Oregon special, so that our children and grandchildren will be able to pursue their dreams for years to come.” I believe him.

Bill is the right choice to be our representative from House District 25 and I ask the voters to join me in marking their ballot for Bill Post.

Yvonne Testerman, Keizer

Veatch a born leader

To the editor”

I am writing to tell you why I’m voting for Brett Veatch for county commissioner.

I’ve known Brett for more than 20 years and have found him to be an excellent communicator and someone who deals with issues in a straight forward, common sense manner.

As an elected official, he has had to make tough decisions and has gained a wide range of experiences while serving in a variety of volunteer and appointed positions.

Brett has been self-employed for nearly 20 years and understands how to make smart, careful investments in our future and use our resources to their fullest. Brett is a problem solver and a leader.

Lon Wall, Newberg

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