Elect representatives that get the job done

To the editor:

Rep. Suzanne Bonamici’s column on veterans succinctly describes the needs of our veterans, but “We” was a predominate word in the article when she describes the work that needs to, but hasn’t been done.Aug. 13 letters to the editor

Who is “we?” Us voters who pay taxes or the veterans that need and deserve the services? Or is it our representatives that we elected to manage and fund these programs?

Should we be satisfied with a representative that shifts the blame to us instead of doing her job?

Yes, “we” can solve the problem. Let’s vote for a new representative that will solve problems, not just write touchy-feely columns on them.

Leonard Rydell, Newberg

‘Circus’ important to getting the word out on missing Dundee woman

To the editor:

This is in response to the Aug. 6 editorial headlined “Is the circus really necessary to telling the news?”

At first most would agree that this small town does not need the large media coverage. It would appear that we have bad times afoot. But what we really need to realize is that sometimes things happen that requires others’ help. We cannot hide our head and just ask the neighbor for help in hopes of getting the help that’s needed.

In essence the above is saying — when a person is missing and no clues are at hand, time is of the essence. Like the family and friends stated, please look on your back roads and in your garages. You cannot know to where one may have wandered or why. It may or may not be of their own volition. It may or may not be foul play. But what we do know is that every hour or even minutes may help save a life.

We have Amber alerts, even on reader boards, now for a reason. Every added eye that is looking and alert to the loss of a person is welcomed. Even reports that turn out to be a dead-end is worth looking into. What if they never did any major news reports on the Horman boy missing in Portland? Or a resident walking away from a rest home?

My point is a simple one: Yes we do feel sorry for the family with the final outcome that has transpired. But what if someone had sighted her in time before the ill-fated incident? Would the news blitz be a circus then?

Sometimes we have to admit that we need outside help. Is it always handled correctly? Absolutely not! But whether they know or we realize it, they do help. A weekly newspaper and word of mouth will not always reach people in a timely manner.

Roger Currier, Newberg

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