Casey doesn’t have the experience to be sheriff, elect Tim Svenson

To the editor:

In a recent Q&A with the two candidates for sheriff, Tim Casey stated that if he needed to, he would pull the officers from the contract cities to help cover the rest of the county if the office was shorthanded. This would leave the contract cities without the coverage they pay for.Sept. 3 letters to the editor

He admitted the move would “probably hurt us financially” and said “maybe” we could compensate for the loss of this revenue (over a million dollars).

I don’t think taxpayers are ready for Tim Casey’s expensive gamble. We need an experienced hand in charge.

Tim Svenson is second in command at the sheriff’s office and ready to step up when Sheriff Jack Crabtree retires. He is already familiar with the budget, manpower issues and the contract cities.

Casey’s inexperience is a big risk, as demonstrated by this recently floated idea of getting rid of our contracts with Sheridan, Willamina, Dayton and Lafayette. It’s a gamble we can ill afford, if you ask me.

Steven Smith, McMinnville

Contract Publishing

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